2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference Presentations

2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference Presentations

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  • Griffin BrockElectrostatic Stimulation Upon Organic Growth by Griffin Brock

    by Aaron Murakami

    This new presentation gives insights into methods methods of stimulating plant growth through natural, electrostatic means in addition to artificially generated, high frequency, alternating current. Both methods were proven to be very successful and had specific advantages to given situations. The method of artificial stimulation presented did not involve high voltage DC potential, as is […]

  • Tesla High Frequency Illumination Methods And Apparatuses by Griffin Brock

    by Aaron Murakami

    Griffin Brock is obviously destined to become one of the foremost experts of pure Tesla technology and he is demonstrating it in spades – at 17 years old, that is quite an accomplishment. He presented last year on 3-Phase Electrical Systems and his replication of some of the seismic detection methods related to Eric Dollard’s […]

  • Explorations of the Bedini Ferris Wheel by RS Stafford

    by Aaron Murakami

    RS Stafford is fortunate enough to be the owner of John Bedini’s “Ferris Wheel” machine. It has a couple systems that drive it – one is an array of coils at the bottom of the machine and there is a separate, very interesting hub motor, which is modeled after NASA’s Radus Space Boots that uses […]

  • Nick Kraakman

    Robert Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator by Nick Kraakman

    by Aaron Murakami

    Dr. Robert Adams is someone that most “newer” people in the “Free Energy” scene have never heard of although he is one of the Pioneers of the modern-day movement, which deals a lot with pulsed systems. His electric motor/generator systems have shown to produce more work than the operator has to supply and it was […]

  • Reactive Power Generator, Power to Spare by Mike Clarke

    by Aaron Murakami

    With consistency, Mike Clarke has brought his Reactive Power Generator (RPG) to a higher and higher level each year. Yes, with Paul Babcock and his partner Norm’s help, it will keep itself charged up while producing net power over time! It runs on a battery bank, is similar to an air core Bedini SG but with […]