75% Commission! How To Easily Access Your Extrasensory Perceptions.

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1. Rather than simply explaining to you the different types of extrasensory perceptions, such as clairvoyance and intuition, psychic vision, etc.

I explain in details what part of your body is used for each of these phenomena.

For example, in the case of clairaudience (using your sense of hearing to perceive the invisible), these are two energy points located close to your ears.

2. You’ll get a secret that 99% of all courses never reveal.

Yes, they will give you techniques such as how to see the aura, how to understand your dreams, etc.

But what they do not mention is that you have to balance YOUR energy systems otherwise most methods will simply not work.

In this course, I reveal exactly how to do that.

For example, how to remove the energy blockage between your third eye and your seventh chakra.

Also, how to use the energy of the liver and kidney meridians to open your psychic circuits..

3. In this course, I cover a lot MORE paranormal phenomena than most courses.

For example:

What is the difference between a clairvoyant and you?

What are the different types of extrasensory perceptions and what part of your energy body do these perceptions correspond to?

How to increase your vibration in less than a minute to facilitate
the expression of your extrasensory perceptions.

How to create a shield with your chakras to protect yourself from
harmful energies.

Many notions about the aura including the seven layers, their roles,
an exercise to see the aura in the mirror and how to perceive and
feel energies.

How to develop your intuition.

How to do automatic writing.

How to use the famous pendulum to get greater clarity with your intuition.

A shamanic version of intuition.

Your dreams, how to interpret them.

How to change your life.

How to use telepathy, aura, energies and colors to influence people
at a distance.

How to use your extrasensory perceptions to attract your soul mate.

How to remotely detect the energy imbalances of a person and fix them.

4. The course is very specific and step by step.

Thus, you will not be lost with ideas that are either too complicated or too vague without knowing what to do.

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