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MASSIVE Additional Income Into Your ClickBank Account.

MASSIVE Additional Income Into Your ClickBank Account. Affiliate Ad Rotator generates TARGETED rotating ads on the TOP ClickBank products, you can place these ads anywhere you like and they will generate ADDITIONAL income straight into your ClickBank account. As you may well know, ClickBank is one of the biggest and best affiliate sites in the world, and they pay you every single week without fail.

Runs on 100% Complete Autopilot.

Once you have generated your ads and placed them in your desired locations, they will randomly rotate with all your selected TARGETED ads on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT, generating you additional commissions that you may otherwise have been missing out on.

The Very Latest Top Quality Products.

Our MASSIVE database is updated every week with the very latest products on the ClickBank marketplace. We will not add any products that are trash, only the very latest, TOP QUALITY products will be added.

Image Ads That Convert Like Crazy.

You can choose any ads to show from any niche that you like, you can even choose to show multiple ads at the same time, all rotating with your selected ads of course. The ads are in image format, not text format like most other advert links, this will make your ads STAND OUT from the rest, generating MASSIVE commissions.

Really Simple, No Skills Needed At All.

We have created Affiliate Ad Rotator to be REALLY simple to use, simply select your ads in the members area, choose your display options and generate your special code, this code can be placed anywhere you choose and your ads will show there.

Multiple Display Options.

We have added multiple display options so that you have as much control over your ads as you could possibly need. You can Add your ClickBank ID, choose which image ads to display, choose how many ads to show at any one time, choose how to align your ads, choose a border style, width and colour, and also choose your ad spacing inside your borders and also outside your borders.

So What Are You Waiting For?…

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