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  • E-Books are simple to create:

    You do not need to be a programming genius or computer wizard!

    You do not need any special hardware or other gadgets.

    You do not need stacks of money to get started.

    Even small and home businesses can, and have, successfully created their own E-Books
    using our software.

  • Your E-Books are unique to you:

    You decide what you want to write in your e-book
    …which means your finished E-Book can be totally unique product that
    nobody else has to offer.

    • Maybe you’re knowledgeable about a particular subject?
    • Do you have valuable experience in, or insight into,
      a subject like animal/pet-care, astronomy, business, child-care,
      computers, cosmetics & make-up, education, design, education, farming,
      fitness, graphics, history, marketing, planning, retail, sales,
      sports, technology, travel, wedding planning
      …or any other subject where your in-depth knowledge
      could be of great benefit to others.
  • E-Books can be a powerful marketing tool:

    You can make an E-Book and give it away for free:

    • You could use your free E-Book as a bonus, or
      thank you gift, for your customers, web site visitors or ezine subscribers.
    • You could use the E-Book to remind readers about your business or products.
    • You could even include advertising within your free E-Book.

    Or, you could make an E-Book and allow other businesses to give copies
    away free to their customers, web site visitors or ezine subscribers.
    It could be the start of a beautiful a win-win relationship:

    • The other business benefits, because their readers/customers get something free.
    • You benefit, because your E-Book presumably tells these new readers
      about your business.

    And best of all, our software includes a powerful Rebranding feature, which
    allows you to set up parts of your E-Book for easy customization.
    You could allow other businesses to
    insert their name, web site link, or change an affiliate ID
    – which gives them an extra incentive to pass on copies
    helping promote your business or web site.

  • Your E-Books can be sold over the Internet

    While we offer a free trial of most features of software: if you do want to sell E-Books
    that you make using our software, we do require that you register
    (US $49.95* (Sales Tax or VAT may also apply – see note at the bottom of this page – UK price including VAT @20% is US $59.94 with Sterling price varying depending on exchange rates) one time fee if paid online) first.

    E-Books created using our software can be ideal products to sell over the Internet:

    • The E-Books are self-contained programs all wrapped up in a single file:
      so it should be
      easy to deliver to your customers, say as a download from your web site.
    • Delivering a downloadable file over the Internet can be extremely inexpensive.
      Check with your web site host for details, you may even already have everything
      that you need at no extra cost.
    • We do not charge you any per-copy royalties for E-Books that you make or
      sell using our software.
    • We do not place any restrictions on what types of e-commerce systems that
      you use. While we do make some suggestions about third party services for things like
      accepting credit cards (some may have costs associated), you are free to use something
      else if it suits you better.

    If you sell your E-Books will you make money? We are NOT going to make any claims about that – it depends on you,
    your business, how you use the software, and probably a hundred other factors too.
    Here’s how we summarize it in our Legal and Terms Of Use page:
    We do not guarantee that any person or business will make a profit as a result of using the information in this publication, or any of the products or services or information that we might provide or link to.“.

    If you are looking for some kind of quick money-making scheme: look elsewhere.

    On the other hand, if you want a professional quality.
    powerful, flexible and well-supported
    software tool for creating E-Books, we believe that you’ll find the best overall solution
    on this web site.

    What’s more, we’ll let you try out the program,
    for as long as you want,
    without spending any money at all.
    We offer completely free trial version – you don’t even need to give your email

Try It Before Deciding Whether To Buy

The software that you are about to discover, is a powerful
professional quality tool, that makes it simple for anybody
to get started in E-Book Publishing.

  • If you can create web pages – then you can create and publish E-Books.

    (and even if you can’t, modern word processors usually include a “Save As HTML” feature).
  • Simply create a set HTML files containing the information you want to
    sell, and then run Activ E-Book Compiler – and you’ll have a self-contained
    Windows Program (“.EXE”) which users can download and run, to view your E-Book.
    You can even
    restrict access to parts of your E-Book with passwords, include links to
    relevant web sites, or sell advertising space in your E-Book.
  • Anybody with Windows 95 or better, and Internet Explorer 4 or later,
    which is of course the vast majority of web surfers, can use your E-Books.
  • The software includes an amazing range of features and
    advanced power features that allow you to easily create
    truly stunning E-Books.
  • Download a trial version of the software for free.
    You do not need to pay a penny until you’re absolutely convinced that this software is for you!

The free trial version of the program allows you to try out the system, and even create
E-Books which you can give away as a promotional tool.

Only if you like the software, and you’re ready to start selling
E-Books that you create, or want access to the extra features the
registered version provides: you can register with total safety and security online.
The registration fee, if paid online, is just
US $49.95* (Sales Tax or VAT may also apply – see note at the bottom of this page – UK price including VAT @20% is US $59.94 with Sterling price varying depending on exchange rates).

Start Right Now

You can start right now.
click here
instructions for the free trial version.

Use our E-Book Creation software for FREE! Don’t pay a penny until you’ve tried the software
and seen that it works!
The free trial version does have some limitations (as compared to the
paid (“registered”) version), but it does
allow you to create your own e-books, and see what the software can do.

All online purchases are made from our retailer, Click Sales Inc. (“CLICKBANK”).

US $49.95 price
does NOT include
Sales Tax or Value Added Tax (“VAT”).
UK price including VAT @20% is US $59.94 with Sterling price varying depending on exchange rates.
Sales Tax applies to purchases made by residents of some US
states, territories, districts and possessions
(including, but not limited to, the residents of the State of New York).

Value Added Tax (“VAT”) is applicable to purchases
made by residents of European Union countries,
and (if applicable) is charged at the appropriate national rate for
that country.

The amount of Sales Tax or VAT (if any), and the total price of
the product, is shown on the secure order form, after
you select your country/state of residence, but before you give final
confirmation that you do want to proceed with the purchase.

1Some awards and users’ comments may refer to previous versions of the software
(please see the box in the footer of this page for important disclosures regarding awards and users’ comments).

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