Feminessence: A Guided Meditation For Your Female Convey

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Transgender Ladies: 

Is Your Convey Telling on You?


Meditation has been practiced since ragged instances. For thousands of years, of us bear experienced the physical, psychological and non secular advantages of meditation.   Many scientific reports bear confirmed that meditation enhances brain characteristic, lowers blood force and coronary heart price, reduces distress and improves our overall wisely being.

The energy of the mind to influence the body is comparatively grand. Meditation is a self-discipline for your mind, correct esteem strolling or swimming are workouts for your body.

Guided Meditation Ways to Mechanically Reprogram Your Convey

Guided meditation is an intentional, focused meditation technique that is terribly precious for reaching a particular reason, equivalent to deep relaxation, behavior switch, or releasing negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs. The main incompatibility between guided meditation and other varieties of meditation is that, as a substitute of working to certain your mind, guided meditation allows the unconscious mind to follow the phrases and visualizations equipped.

Guided meditation systems fluctuate reckoning on the changes you is seemingly to be taking a peek to help out. Usually a single guided meditation session is all it be significant to help out deep relaxation. Other instances a whole guided meditation retreat is wished in bellow to initiate negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs.

If your purpose is some roughly behavioral switch, guided meditation must be a fraction of your current routine.

Guided Visualization Ways will Reprogram the Conditioned Responses of Your Tips

Guided visualization is a finest complement to meditation because it makes factual exercise of 1 of the most energy senses now we bear got–our visible sense.

Guided imagery is a soft but extremely efficient technique that focuses and directs your imagination. It’s widely aged by athletes with factual success. Health care practitioners bear aged it in bellow that patients would possibly per chance imagine thousands of actual immune map cells destroying or wiping out unsuspecting cancer cells.

When successfully organized, guided imagery has the constructed-in skill to bring just a few layers of complex, encoded messages by attain of easy photos. That that it’s likely you’ll per chance imagine it as a depth charge dropped beneath the skin of the “bodymind,” the build it would reverberate many instances.

Kinesthetic Anchoring Ways will Reprogram the Conditioned Responses of Your Tips

Feminize Your Convey Mechanically with Guided Meditation & Visualization.

Guided Relaxation

The deep relaxation fraction of this meditation program guides you into a deep announce of relaxation in bellow to assign the stage for the Kinesthetic Anchoring tactics in fraction two of this program.

As you growth your awareness via your body you is seemingly to be guided grade by grade to be responsive to your breath, to be conscious of muscle groups and to deepen into relaxation. This guided meditation is moreover precious if ever you’re feeling anxious, or tense, or experiencing a annoying day.

Kinesthetic Anchoring

Kinesthetic anchors are physical stimulations that, via the energy of visualization, join to the very essence of who you for certain are. A kinesthetic anchor is one thing physical you elevate out that shouldn’t be any longer a fraction of your each day routines or habits.   An anchor is one thing that that it’s likely you’ll for certain feel in a noticeable and pronounced attain.

Within the occasion then you trigger the anchors–which you’ll originate with this program–whereas going about your day, your mind and body will re-originate the identical essence inner you to the stage to which you will moreover simply bear established that anchor via repetition of the workouts. This whole direction of would possibly moreover simply also be advanced originally, but after working with this system for slightly of bit, you’ll fully attach this secret and originate factual exercise of it each day.

To assign the anchors, it be significant to for certain “charge up” forward of the essence (of the anchor) is “saved.” Visualization tactics motivate to assign these anchors.


Master your declare feminization tactics and lastly bear the declare you’ve dreamed you bear.

Why no longer initiate today?


From: Kathe Perez & Amadhia

Hi there Ladies,

FemEssesence-Sales-Page-4_edited-1The utter is that almost all transgender ladies people attempt to feminize their voices by handiest specializing in the physical aspect of the declare. While this makes factual sense and it does work for many people, it doesn’t expend many people far ample. So, for these who’re quiet studying this, it’s since you haven’t stumbled to your female declare!

There is yet every other attain to feminize your declare.

A girl’s declare is extra than correct posture, breathing and pitch. Her VOICE is managed by her MIND.

And YOUR mind has been programmed to be the particular opposite of a female mind! You potentially aren’t even responsive to your whole masculine habits you picked up alongside the attain to turning into that particular person you had as soon as been, or that one who you as soon as in a whereas build in the closet.

The factual news is that it is feasible to reprogram your mind to encompass your whole pretty female essence of who you for certain are.

If fact be told, your MIND is the most extremely efficient feminizing instrument that it’s likely you’ll per chance moreover simply bear! That’s because your mind controls your body, your behavior AND YOUR VOICE.

In build of struggling to “act” extra female–as for these who had been doing it for your whole existence– wouldn’t or no longer it be huge for these who would possibly per chance JUST BE HER.

By letting the essence of your female coronary heart and soul upward push to the skin of your consciousness, you will assign the simply instances so your FEMININE VOICE finds her attain to you.

And wouldn’t or no longer it be huge for these who would possibly per chance let scurry of all these psychological blocks, conditioned responses and internal challenges which would possibly per chance be combating you from finding your simply female declare? Wouldn’t or no longer it be pretty to bear total self perception in yourself as a girl?

If this makes factual sense, then reduction on studying because we’re about to expose the fastest, best likely, most productive attain to help out your female declare …

VISUALIZATION is a extremely efficient secret instrument we’ve stumbled on for unlocking your female declare. That, blended with the Kinesthetic Anchoring tactics, becomes the ideally counseled attain that it’s likely you’ll perhaps want to lastly reaching spectacular results–your engaging female declare.

However forward of we scurry on about the energy of this program, let us stamp what it is…

Meditation is a announce of focused relaxation that helps you to gain in contact with your unconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind is the deepest fraction of your mind that controls your self-image, beliefs, habits, behaviors and unconscious bodily capabilities (esteem your breathing, digestion and coronary heart price). Mediate of it because the working map for your mind and body.

Thru guided meditation, that it’s likely you’ll reprogram your unconscious mind and even reduction an eye on just a few of your unconscious flow patterns.

Skills Complete feminEssence of Your Tips and Convey.


We’re so serious about this novel attain for feminizing your declare via using these extremely efficient tactics, that we correct KNEW we needed to elevate this resource to the transgender community.

That’s why we teamed up collectively. Amadhia is an unbelievably proficient and proficient artist. Her possess sage is itself a engaging testimonial to the energy of this attain. Amadhia is an artist who had enjoyed factual success in her industry. Slowly, because the years went alongside, she started to lose her edge and wasn’t producing the roughly work she knew she would possibly per chance. Then she hit an actual block, a solid wall, and she or he feared her creativity would never dawdle freely yet every other time. She lastly sought the motivate of a guided meditation practitioner and she or he started exploring the kinesthetic anchoring attain. Her successes skyrocketed. She won a huge award for a challenge she became the lead artist on, and when of us stumbled on out her secret that sparked this mountainous shift, she became requested to enlighten guided meditation workshops to struggling artists in the US and Europe.

Kathe, as a licensed speech-language pathologist, had been providing declare therapy to patients with damaged voices for years. She started working with transgender of us comparatively serendipitously when, in January 2000, the phone rang in her shrimp Boulder, Colorado place of job. The actual person on the choice discontinue of the freeway acknowledged she became responding to Kathe’s Yellow Page ad (yes, the factual venerable-current cellular phone e book). She identified herself as a transsexual lady and acknowledged she saw that Kathe became a declare therapist. Joanne, became her title, then requested if Kathe had had any trip working with transsexuals. That dialog started a shift in Kathe’s occupation direction that resulted in her international popularity for providing quality declare feminization products and services and products. Kathe has systematized the daunting job of feminizing the declare. She has helped thousands create self perception in the attain they bellow.

Now, correct for you transgender ladies, let us introduce…

 feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Female Convey.


feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Female Convey  is a whole guided meditation and visualization program designed to feminize your declare and allow you to to bellow from the pure essence of your female coronary heart and soul. It consists of 5 whole downloadable sessions and a detailed User Recordsdata to mean that it’s likely you’ll to maximise your results.

Here’s precisely what is included in “feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Female Convey”…

Disc 1: Relaxation & Visualization–A Journey into Your Tips

Relaxation Journey

The 18-minute “Relaxation Journey” is designed to expend you on a sprint into your mind to free up the hidden gemstones that will motivate facilitate your shopping your for certain female declare.

Visualization Journey

The 35-minute “Visualization Journey” will files you on a sprint into your imagination to mean that it’s likely you’ll join with your breathing, posture, resonance and your spoken expression. This visualization trip leads you against the kinesthetic anchoring tactics in the following three sessions.


Disc 2: Kinesthetic Anchoring–The Secrets and tactics to Unlocking Your Correct Female Convey

The workouts in fraction 2 are grand extra packed with life and far extra “work oriented,” as we anchor your visualization skills extra successfully.

Session 1 Posture, Respiratory, Resonance

Session 2 Pitch, Melodic Intonation, Vocal Placement

Session 3 Female Vitality/Essence, Fluidity, Self belief

The feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Female Convey sessions will empower you to:

  1. Insist the contented essence of the girl you for certain are.
  2. Straight away trigger your female declare every time your bellow.
  3. Advised your anchors to channel the feeling of your female declare.
  4. Be at finest peace and ease that you is seemingly to be expressing yourself as the engaging lady you is seemingly to be.
  5. Bring your imagination and your accurate female declare into alignment.

Sit down motivate, relax, and allow us to softly files you against unleashing your femine essence.


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 ONLY $47!

Note: The actual program consists of the identical of two audio “discs” (two hours of subject material) and a User Recordsdata. There don’t seem to be any movies on this program.

Here’s initiate NOW:

Click on on the “purchase now” button below. As rapidly as you’ve positioned your bellow on our stable server, you are going to be robotically redirected to the download net page the build that it’s likely you’ll download all five declare feminization guided meditation sessions (two hours of subject material) in MP3 structure + the User Recordsdata IMMEDIATELY. The MP3 files would possibly moreover simply also be played on an iPod, pc media player or any MP3 player.

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 ONLY $47!

A 60-Day, No Chance, Unconditional 100% Money-Help Squawk!

We’re so assured that our “feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Female Convey” program will meet your expectations, that we are backing it with a 100% guarantee. Take a look at this system RISK-FREE for 60 days. When you is seemingly to be no longer contented, correct let us know and we’ll send you a suggested and courteous, no hassles, no hesitation, 100% refund.

So are you willing? All of us know you is seemingly to be going to revel on this program as grand as we enjoyed growing it … and we’re assured that you are going to be amazed at your results! Present NOW and let’s initiate!

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ONLY $47!

We imagine in you!

Kathe Perez

Distinctive Convey, Inc.


Co-Creator of “feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Female Convey”



Co-Creator of “feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Female Convey”

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ONLY $47!

P.S. Be conscious, with our 100% program satisfaction guarantee, there’s no longer any longer a threat for your fraction. You create no longer bear the leisure to lose by giving feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Female Convey a attempt!

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ONLY $47!

NOTE: feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Female Convey consists of a series  downloadable MP3 audio files and PDF User’s Recordsdata. No physical products will be shipped. After you bellow, that it’s likely you’ll gain INSTANT ACCESS to download the MP3s, that would possibly moreover simply also be played for your smartphone, iPad, pill, iPod, pc media player or any MP3 player.

Kathe Perez



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