How To Beat The Enormous Man

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Dear Reader,

If you happen to is also something adore me you then loyal know how upsetting it’s miles also in the event it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well perhaps possibly also be confronted with any individual grand taller, grand bigger, grand stronger and they are intent on doing you smash.

It is an efficient nightmare scenario!

And it will score even worse – Factual imagine if that same monster became as soon as intent on doing smash to your Accomplice, your Accomplice, your Sister, your Mother or your Daughter.

What if that attacker had them down on the flooring and became as soon as literally making an attempt to strangle them to demise.

These are disgusting eventualities that we as lovely, first price, law abiding of us don’t even want to believe in thoughts – sadly it’s miles a unhappy truth that violent crime has reached epidemic proportions.

We are all liable to be attacked now than now we believe ever been.

You want to know how one can issue these attacks and destroy out unscathed – and that’s the reason we are right here at the present time.

Nonetheless hiya… I’m getting sooner than myself right here… let’s have interaction a learn about at who goes to educate you this:

Fernando Salvador began practising Gracie Jiu-jitsu in 1992, he’s now a 3rd Degree Sunless Belt under Master Pedro Sauer.

Right here are loyal a few of his accomplishments:

  • Relson Gracie World CHAMPION

  • Budweiser World Cup CHAMPION

  • 2009 Pan Am NoGi CHAMPION

  • North American Grappling Affiliation CHAMPION

  • Casca Grossa CHAMPION

  • King of the Hill CHAMPION

  • Submission Wrestling Championship CHAMPION

  • 2 cases Chaos in the Cage CHAMPION

Fernando specialises in helping somebody toughen their self defense skills.

As a Fight Trainer he’s in constant query from MMA Opponents spherical the Globe.

You are in pleasurable arms discovering out from this Master of the Arts.

At 5ft 3 and about 120 lbs, Fernando is in the ideal space to help the smaller individual overcome the possibilities in opposition to bigger opponents.

He has been doing that his whole profession.

It is that this simple – he KNOWS EXACTLY what will give you the results you want and your relatives, when it surely issues.

I’m going to educate you the EXACT Self Defense moves that we employ in BJJ.

These systems believe been confirmed to work each inside of and exterior of doorways of the Cage and are ideal for the smaller individual in opposition to the elevated opponent.

Now not only will you seek me form these systems, but afterwards it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well seek the Worlds No.1 Strain Level Combating Expert, Russell Stutely ADD Strain Parts to reasonably a few these systems and diversifications that can DRAMATICALLY make bigger the effectiveness as soon as again.

For these BJJ practitioners available in any doubt, I’m able to personally vouch for the effectiveness of these Strain Level enhanced systems.REMEMBER: What Russell will showcase you is for Self Defense only. You are going to in all likelihood be banned from competition at the same time as you are making an attempt these on the mat.

Russell is the Worlds main Strain Level Combating Coach.

Right here are a few of his credentials:

  • OCFM World Coach

  • PPDT World Teacher

  • Cop Solutions Master Teacher

  • Sixth Dan Karate Jutsu

  • 1st Dan Ju Jitsu

  • World Martial Arts Hall of Popularity

  • World Fight Hall of Popularity

  • Boxing Coach

Russell has been teaching his outlandish draw for over 20 Years all spherical the World.

He has helped 1000’s of of us loyal a lot like you, toughen their Self Defense skills – nearly in a single day.

For over 20 Years now, I surely believe been travelling the Globe teaching my programs to Police Forces, Navy Models, Martial Artists, Security Officers and to Corporate Our bodies.

My programs are ”required discovering out” at nearly 100 Police Academies. Over 20,000 Security Officers per three hundred and sixty five days change into Certified in my programs.

That just isn’t any accident – it’s miles in consequence of my programs work and they work damned immediate.

I surely believe worked with Expert Opponents to make bigger their speed, timing, distancing, punching energy and heaps more.

I surely believe hundreds of rounds with Expert Boxers at the highest ranges under my belt.

I surely believe had damaged ribs, my jaw broke, teeth smashed out and peaceable carried on combating.

I surely believe worked Security in quite so a lot of Countries and believe first hand abilities of valid World violence.

I expose you this, no longer to blow my believe trumpet, but to allow you to know for sure, that it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well perhaps possibly also be certainly in the edifying arms by approach of getting the edifying knowledge about defending your self and your relatives.

We asked Fernando to showcase us EXACTLY how Gracie Ju Jitsu would take care of a number of the most traditional Self Defense eventualities for the smaller individual or the weaker individual available on todays imply streets.

As a ragged Champion and a 3rd Degree Sunless Belt who’s 5ft 3 and under 130 lbs, he KNOWS these problems all too effectively.

THANKFULLY, he moreover knows HOW to make systems work in opposition to the bigger man – after all, he has been doing that every unquestionably one of his existence!

This implies it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well perhaps possibly’t count on energy and energy to score out of eventualities – you moreover want technique.

Fernando advised us, that every unquestionably such a systems shown believe been used in the Cage, on the motorway and are EXACTLY what’s taught in Gracie BJJ Self Defense.

It doesn’t increase than that!

You are going to seek Fernando destroy out mighty and doubtlessly lethal attacks with devastating ease – the utilization of the systems and rules of Gracie BJJ.

 Let’s have interaction a learn about at loyal a number of the stuff it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well learn at the present time:

Take hold of Escapes

Learn the “secret stance” that makes you an immovable object. Fernando calls this “preserving a plate”.

Look as a 6ft, 180lb attacker, is unable to transfer Fernando even one lumber! – Spectacular Stuff!

Choke Escapes

Salvage them off and stroll away or destroy each of their arms at the same time – the chance is yours. Fernando needed to make employ of indecent caution when showing this approach.

Swap Positions

That is inconceivable to seek. Look as Fernando reveals you the procedure in which one can “swap positions” along with your attacker. One 2d the snide man is on top willing to smash – and the next, it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well perhaps possibly also be! Wow – right here’s getting juicy now!

Never Salvage Strangled

This one loyal blew our minds. Look as Fernando carries on speaking while varied strangles are being applied, loyal to point to how his systems will relief withhold you pleasurable. Then he applied the defense – INCREDIBLE!

Mighty More

There might be loads more knowledge on this action packed DVD Location.

Then things purchased more severe – which is big news for you.

Fernando asked us, to score the Worlds main Strain Level Combating Coach, Russell Stutely, to showcase some diversifications of these systems for you.

Right here is a few background to how this took space:

Fernando and Russell each prepare collectively at the same Gym, in Phnom Penh Cambodia, the keep apart they met up many Months ago.

They’ve spent many Months analysing each others practising systems and discovering out from one one more.

Which is something they’ve each saved peaceable about – till Fernando persuaded Russell to be Uke for this DVD Location.

Neatly, when we roar persuaded, we imply asked! With out a doubt Russell jumped at the chance to help his Sensei.

All over the filming they’d regularly be viewed going by means of unfavorable systems off camera and discussing if they wants to be shown or no longer!

We believe been attentive to this and after filming with Fernando, we asked for his permission to quiz of some systems from his BJJ Student, Russell.

We believe been contented when Fernando stated, no procedure… and so a few days later at the opposite extinguish of the Mountainous Prokout Gym, we filmed reside at some point of the day with Russell.

We want to make one element totally obvious right here – The filming took space at Prokout Gym, in the coronary heart of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Anybody who has visited Asia, will expose you this truth – nowhere, ever, will you learn about an enviornment that is most regularly peaceable for more than 2 seconds!

So, it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well occassionally hear the “sounds of Asia” as they roar, at some point of this shoot. It in no approach, detracts from what it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well perhaps possibly seek and hear – all is crystal obvious – but right here at Gracie BJJ – we are forever 100% up front and appropriate… segment of the tenets of BJJ!

So, lets have interaction a immediate learn about at what Russell will showcase you:

Double Energy Guillotine

This straightforward shift of the body will DOUBLE the energy of your Guillotine. You MUST prepare this frivolously for the safety of your practising partner.

Fig 4 Double Destroy

This one left us dumbfounded. How a easy runt twist turns a ”Standing Kimura” into a double destroy on the same arm!

Devastating Leg Strain Parts

Look as a seasoned Thai Fighter is in agony as Russell “gently” applies a Strain Level. Then imagine the distress if it became as soon as struck with beefy energy.

Mighty More

Russell confirmed a ton of stuff that utilises “Atemi” within your BJJ and Self Defense. That is for severe Self Defense eventualities only – it’s miles banned from competition.

If you download this self-discipline topic it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well be ready to examine IMMEDIATELY on:

  • Lovely Cellular phone

  • Pill

  • Notebook

  • Computer

  • Lovely TV

We want to make certain that it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well perhaps possibly see this self-discipline topic straight away, no topic the tool it’s seemingly you’ll possibly well perhaps possibly also be ordering from. With that in thoughts, the Digital downloads are optimised to play on the total above units.

REMEMBER: You are going to receive IMMEDIATE Salvage admission to after score.

For Illustration capabilities only. That is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

For IMMEDIATE Digital Web

The Stout 3 DVD Location

All 3 DVDs for IMMEDIATE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, from ragged World Champion, Fernando Salvador, 3rd Degree BJJ.

Learn the EXACT systems utilized by Gracie in the Cage and for Self Defense.

PLUS – A ton of extras and technique enhancers from Russell Stutely.

This noteworthy 3 DVD Location became as soon as before all the pieces bring priced at $397 for Digital Web.

Nonetheless for the following few days only it has been slashed the total vogue down to unbiased $97.00

For action takers only!

You are going to moreover receive a FREE Bonus Digital Web courtesy of Russell Stutely.

The Strain Level Defensive Solutions Level 1 Route.

That is the EXACT Plan that is required discovering out at nearly 100 Police Academies – Usually priced at $197.00 and at the present time it’s miles 100% FREE!

The beefy 3 DVD procedure

Beat the sizable man

  • DVD 1

  • DVD 2

  • DVD 3


  • IMMEDIATE Web after score

  • Will play on ANY Instrument


You are going to receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS after score and believe limitless score admission to to your Downloads.

want the stressful replica version?

You score the total downloads as above BUT ALSO you receive Beat The Enormous Man 3 DVD Location delivered disclose to your door with FREE World transport.

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As of late might possibly well perhaps be your remaining likelihood at this special provide. We enact no longer know exactly when the worth will glide as a lot as the customary be aware, but it might well possibly well perhaps be soon.

Attain no longer have interaction that likelihood, score began now sooner than it’s miles unbiased too unimaginative.

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