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On the present time you can test up on ways to produce a 50MPH electrical bike utilizing parts on hand on-line so which you might start to in the discount of your carbon footprint AND in the discount of your commuting stress levels by by no methodology having to sit in a single other visitors jam all but again.


From: Greg Davey

Dear Electric Vehicle Fanatic,

Have you had sufficient of increasing gasoline prices and auto insurance charges? Are you sick of losing a clear section of your day caught in visitors crawling at a snails tempo at some level of your commute to and from work?

Are you fascinated by international warming and need to cease your section to in the discount of your carbon footprint?

Properly you are about to search out the answer to all these complications AND save some fun support into your day after day commute by studying be taught how to produce your hang mercurial, economical electrical automobile.

Maybe you private tried pedaling your bike to work but stumbled on it just takes to long and you approach all sweaty with nowhere to receive a bathe whereas you eventually cease produce it there.

Then after an extended, laborious day at work you just haven’t got the energy or desire to pedal all the manner home all but again.

Or presumably you private purchased a prebuilt electrical bike or electrical scooter but salvage it extraordinarily underpowered and the batteries bustle flat sooner than you reach your vacation space.

Properly I am about to replace the manner you imagine about electrical bikes!

My title is Greg Davey, better know as the “Mad Scientist” by friends and family even supposing I private never got any electrical or engineering background. I, worship a bunch of you, decided I needed a greater produce of transportation.

I desired to save money on gasoline and in the discount of my carbon footprint. Sitting in my automobile for as much as an hour caught in visitors day after day for a force that must most efficient private Quarter-hour used to be no longer acceptable anymore.

That you simply too can be wondering what makes me an expert in electrical bikes. Properly support in 2005 I spent several weeks researching electrical bikes on the web and decided to built one utilizing an weak mountain bike I had.

I purchased all the parts I needed from a neighborhood ebike retailer and had the bike up and running in a few days.The first time I took it out for a take a look at rush I almost crashed for the reason that bike handled so inappropriate. It used to be several days sooner than I acquired venerable to it.

I eventually managed to hurry the bike to work on the opposite hand it handled awful at speeds over 20MPH.

The brakes all but stopped working after they grew to become wet, the energy would immediate and off randomly thanks to wretched connectors and the batteries mercurial drained slowing the bike barely getting me home.

I even had to push the bike home several times on fable of something failed.

This bike used to be very provoking to hurry on fable of it used to be so unstable but I venerable it for over a year except the batteries eventually packed it in.

I cherished the premise of riding an electrical bike to work on fable of it used to be cost fantastic and I averted all the visitors on the opposite hand it needed some dramatic enhancements.

I went support to the drafting board and painstakingly researched bicycle geometry, suspension forks, batteries, battery administration systems, motors, controllers, and every other parts I would need to produce the closing electrical bike.

Then I started attempting out different bike parts and electrical parts picking the ones that worked essentially the most efficient and assembled them from the bottom up constructing the perfect electrical bike.

I now private a 100% electrical automobile that I exercise as a replace for my automobile. Now not most efficient cease I receive to work quicker than it venerable to receive me to force, it most efficient funds me pennies a day to recharge the bike.


The electrical bike works so successfully I good to sell my automobile which gave me $13,000 cash in my pocket on top of the $1,200 I saved on automobile insurance.

Essentially the most efficient downside of riding the electrical bike, whereas you can name it that, is the bike is an impossible attention magnet. In every single place I rush of us are consistently stopping me to demand questions about it.

On my very first take a look at rush after constructing the unusual bike I pulled over to the facet of the boulevard after Quarter-hour of riding. A jiffy later a metropolis works automobile pulled up beside me and came to a screeching cease in the center of the boulevard.

Two metropolis workers with stupefied looks to be on their faces jumped out and ran over to me. They talked about I handed them several kilometers support they in most cases only had to search out out what I used to be riding.

They had been blown away by the bike and immediatley initiating asking questions about it so that they’ll also produce their very hang.

After an overwhelming alternative of similar requests from of us that cease and demand me about the bike I good to record all the produce of this awesome electrical bicycle in my sign unusual e book called

“How To Net a 50MPH Electric Bike”

electrical bicycle e book duvet

It is seemingly you’ll perhaps perhaps produce the particular similar bike at home utilizing this straight forward to follow grade by grade handbook, even whereas you’ve not got any old expertise. The e book is a pdf file that can also be downloaded in only a pair of minutes and viewed utilizing the latest version of adobe acrobat that you simply might receive without cost.



  My title is Evan Filter, and my Drexel University senior invent team and I are designing electrical motor assistance systems for Drexel’s Human Powered Automobiles.  I read thru your “Suggestions about how to Net a 50MPH Electric Bike” record forwarded from Dr. Layton, and your bike is actually impossible.  I would love to exercise your expertise as we dash along. Please let me know whereas you’d cease us the glory.  Thanks

Evan Filter

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Drexel University 

In this e book I actually private filled over 100 pages with the detailed knowledge you want showing you precisely be taught how to produce a mercurial electrical bike even whereas you are a total amateur and know nothing about bikes or electricity.

Included in the e book is bigger than 150 fine photos so which you might look how or no longer it’s performed.

I private you by the hand and trot you grade by grade thru all the produce direction of to guarantee that you simply might perhaps perhaps be riding your bike in no time.

Here’s a list of just one of the principal most advantages you receive from constructing an electrical bike yourself:

  • Lowest cost electrical automobile -On fable of you want this form of tiny battery pack in comparison to an electrical automobile or motorcycle you can private the funds for to remove the latest technology batteries which methodology they’ll final as much as 10 years sooner than they need changing.
  • Never wait in visitors all but again – merely dash all the unhurried autos by riding on the shoulder or in the bike lane.
  • Creep at the same flee as a automobile – I will showcase you the secrets and suggestions to increasing the energy from a archaic motor controller so which you might rush at speeds over 50MPH and out flee up most autos from a cease.
  • Attach how some distance you can private to need to hurry – I showcase you the straightforward calculations to resolve what size battery pack you should poke a specified distance. My bike has a range of 30 to 50 miles relying how mercurial I rush sooner than it wants recharged.
  • Lower your expenses on insurance and automobile funds – you too can just no longer need to hang or insure a automobile whereas you private a mercurial electrical bike. No more oil adjustments or automobile repairs to fright about.
  • Never remove gasoline all but again – merely plug your bike into your charger and recharge it for pennies a day.
  • Never pay for parking all but again – just lock your bike to the closest bike rack or in a secured bike locker.
  • Slit your carbon footprint – cease polluting by utilizing an eco-honorable electrical automobile.
  • Creep heat all year long – It is seemingly you’ll perhaps perhaps test up on ways to hurry heat and cushty in temperatures successfully below freezing by making your hang heated jacket (one among the free bonuses you might perhaps perhaps receive).
  • Creep silently – That you simply too can be stunned by the natural world you look on a bike path for the reason that animals can no longer hear you. I actually private considered coyotes, skunks (don’t receive to shut), owls,deer and even a beaver on the bike trails riding home from work.
  • Abilities the EV Grin – this is the huge smile you can private on your face after your first rush on your unusual electrical bike.


“I am very impressed with Greg’s eBook, it’s remarkably thorough, detailing precisely be taught how to produce your hang 50mph electrical bike grade by grade. There are illustrations on almost each and every online page to relief you along the manner, which is huge for those tricky wiring parts! All in all it’s some distance a extraordinarily total and successfully-written recordsdata and I would counsel it to anybody having a glimpse to produce their very hang mercurial electrical bike. Can’t wait to start my hang! Thanks Greg!”


Sam C.

Now lets private a glimpse at the wealth of knowledge your are about to study up on.

Introduction (pages 5-7)

  • Be taught the manner or no longer it’s seemingly to decrease your commuting time by greater than 50% riding an electrical bike in preference to utilizing.
  • Be taught why you too can just light defend some distance off from “retailer bought” electrical bikes and look why constructing your hang electrical bike will save you money and supplies you a motorcycle that outperforms all the commercial bikes.

    Selecting a Bike (pages 8-18)

  • Take into fable why you MUST exercise this produce of bicycle frame when constructing a high performance electrical bike so the bike is stable to hurry at high flee.
  • Be taught why an additional clear size frame is good whereas you can private to private an extended range electrical bike even whereas you in overall rush a tiny or medium frame.
  • That you simply too can test up on ways to decrease the standover top of your XL frame which methodology this is succesful of perhaps perhaps be cosy to hurry no matter what your top whereas increasing the performance of the bike at the same time.
  • Acquire out what essentially the most efficient produce of fork is for a mercurial electrical bike so it handles worship a motorcycle and without explain survives the braking stresses of stopping a heavy electrical bike.
  • Take into fable how merely changing the handlebars and stem can enlarge the comfort of a motorcycle frame that can perhaps perhaps presumably in overall be to very large for you.
  • Take into fable why you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably need to produce THESE changes to the drivetrain which is succesful of enlarge home for batteries and will enable you to mount a disk brake on the rear.
  • Be taught what essentially the most efficient rims are for optimum acceleration and reliability as successfully as precisely the save to remove them on-line.
  • I showcase you the three stuff you should cease flat tires ceaselessly so that you simply might perhaps perhaps NEVER need to restore a flat on the facet of the boulevard all but again.

Selecting Electrical Parts (pages 20-43)

  • Acquire out about the different forms of motors on hand for electrical bikes and look which one is the BEST for high performance so your bike can contend with with and even dash autos going up hill.
  • Take into fable be taught how to make a alternative essentially the most efficient controller on your bike and what parts MUST be inside of for optimum performance.
  • Acquire out about the different forms of batteries and why THIS form is largely the most efficient bang for the buck and the safest.
  • I showcase you the straightforward calculations to resolve out what number of batteries you should poke a explicit distance so that you simply by no methodology receive stranded with a tiring battery.
  • Take into fable be taught how to without explain mock up batteries to study mount them on your bike BEFORE you remove them.
  • It is seemingly you’ll perhaps perhaps be taught all about battery managment systems, why you MUST exercise one, and precisely the save to repeat one on-line so that you simply are going to receive many trouble free years from your battery pack.
  • Be taught what produce of throttle you DEFINITELY NEED TO AVOID in repeat to cease a unhealthy self-discipline that can also end result in a break causing trouble.
  • Acquire out the save to remove a digital mark on your electrical bike that monitors all the necessary knowledge about your bike and implies that you simply can produce adjustments to the performance on the flee.
  • Take into fable what parts you should remove from a robotic parts supplier in preference to an electrical bike retailer to maximized the performance and reliability of your bike.
  • Be taught be taught how to decrease the voltage of your battery pack to energy your lights and other accesories so that you simply don’t desire to add a 2d battery pack.
  • Take into fable be taught how to produce an economical and legit battery charger by buying THESE parts off ebay.
  • Be taught the manner to install an adjustable knob on your bike to energy a heated jacket by buying THIS $20 section on-line.

    Constructing the Bike (pages 44-105)

  • Be taught be taught how to without explain regulate a hub motor to suit a disk brake rotor so which you might private smartest thing about the impossible stopping energy of hydraulic disk brakes.
  • Take into fable suggestions to cease your motor from overheating by buying THIS $20 item from an R/C ardour store and be taught the straightforward changes to relief frigid your motor.
  • Take into fable why you should produce one among THESE to cease your axle from spinning in the frame and tearing apart all your wiring.
  • Take into fable how straightforward changes to the frame will provide extra space for batteries increasing the diversity of your bike.
  • Acquire out essentially the most efficient area to mount your batteries so the bike is successfully balanced and handles worship a motorcycle.
  • I will showcase you in huge detail be taught how to produce your hang personalized battery bins to perfectly match your bike utilizing parts from your local hardware retailer.
  • Be taught the manner to tag the particular hiding area for all the soft electrical parts and wiring as successfully a waterproofing suggestions which methodology your bike will glimpse orderly and be good from the rain.
  • Take into fable the secret changes to enlarge the energy from your controller by greater than 400% so which you might crawl flee autos from a red gentle and WIN!

With all this recordsdata at your fingerstips you might perhaps perhaps steer particular of the overall errors most of us stumble upon constructing their first electrical bike.

I actually private made all these errors and realized from trial and error what works and what would no longer so I will dash it on to you. It might actually perhaps perhaps presumably save you time and money.

My e book presentations you the particular techiques and most efficient parts to exercise when constructing your hang mercurial and legit electrical bike so which you might bypass the gasoline stations, blast past visitors and decrease your commuting funds to part of what you utilize utilizing.

Imagine how remarkable cash you might perhaps perhaps save on fuel funds, insurance and parking!

Here’s no other e book on hand any place on the web that contains detailed grade by grade instructions on be taught how to produce a high performance electrical bike.

What’s a glowing resource worship this worth ?

I actually private invested over $6000 in be taught and pattern constructing several bikes over the past fews years to search out out what works most efficient. The usage of my recordsdata you can produce a motorcycle such as mine for as miniature as $1500 utilizing the lastest technology bike parts and batteries.

This e book can save you successfully over $4500 by showing be taught how to produce your bike excellent the first time.

Need to you imagine about how remarkable cash it’s some distance going to avoid losing you by no longer having to experiment yourself, and the time you might perhaps perhaps save shimmering precisely the save to search out the parts you want, this resource is for sure worth successfully over a hundered bucks.

I used to be at the begin going to give this uncommon e book for $97 to relief promote electrical autos but on fable of I need more testimonials for my web save I am discounting the associated payment to $47.

That’s no longer as much as the associated payment of a pair of tires on your bike.


Greg’s e book supplies thorough instructions for constructing your hang bike with many huge illustrations taken along the manner.The final product has impossible acceleration and an improbable top flee.

High-quality work Greg.  Take into fable you on the streets.

Man Teigen

Engineering Manager

Jastram Engineering Ltd.

North Vancouver, Canada

For even more cost I will embody the next free bonuses.

Bonelectrical bicycle bike gentleus #1 (Suggestions about how to Manufacture a Bike Gentle)

In this e book ($27 cost for Free) you might perhaps perhaps test up on ways to produce a formidable cheap dual gentle setup on your ebike utilizing parts on hand at your local hardware retailer. For part of what it would cost you to remove a high energy mountain bike gentle you can produce your hang and will haven’t got any explain riding on the darkest of roads or trails at high flee.

BonuHeated Jacket for Electric Bicycles #2 (Suggestions about how to Manufacture a Heated Jacket)

This e book ($27 cost without cost) presentations you be taught how to produce a heated jacket for no longer as much as $40 that plugs excellent into your electrical bike and keeps you tremendous and warmth at some level of cool weather riding. It might actually perhaps perhaps presumably save you many hundred bucks as a retailer bought jacket can cost over $400. That you simply too can salvage out why retailer bought heated jackets or other DIY jackets can also just no longer kill sufficient heat when venerable on an electrical bike. Within the e book you might perhaps perhaps salvage all the calculatings you should produce a jacket that produces as remarkable heat as you can private to private.

To completely private away any disaster on your section, I supply a 100% a reimbursement guarantee. Rob a elephantine 60 days to glimpse over the e book and whereas you are no longer chuffed just let me know and I will promptly send you money support.

Your take hang of is totally disaster free!


This E book is Now not Obtainable in Stores.

electrical bike

So whereas you private decided that by no methodology paying for gasoline all but again, making visitors jams a thing of the past, eradicating parking complications and reducing your carbon footprint PLUS the two free bonuses are worth $97 $47 then this is be taught how to mutter your copy.

To repeat “Suggestions about how to Net a 50MPH Electric Bike” thru a stable clickbank server for most efficient $47 plus the 2 free bonuses, click on right here now.

electrical bike pic

Do no longer be a sufferer of rising gasoline prices!

P.S. By ordering “Suggestions about how to Net a 50MPH Electric Bike” today time the fuel sitting on your autos gasoline tank excellent now can also be the final gasoline you ever remove. This e book takes you by the hand and walks you grade by grade thru all the produce direction of showing you precisely be taught how to produce a high performance electrical bike.

P.S.S. Remember, today time you are getting a $151 cost for most efficient $47 whereas you repeat now. Don’t delay otherwise you too can just lose out on this restricted supply.Click on right here to mutter your disaster free copy and start going inexperienced today time.

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