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Calling all mannequin railroad novices…

  • Let me be aware your entire mannequin railroading pointers and tricks – from the consultants on the weblog – you must always opinion and build, grade by grade, a breath taking layout…
  • Suggestions to place a fortune on engines, rolling stock and scenery…
  • And the arrangement in which you would furthermore facet step the costly mistakes every newbie will get suckered in to…

We possess all seen these phenomenal layouts Fancy Dave’s, Sign’s and Arnie’s. They behold just like the correct ingredient. However mediate it or now no longer, here is how, you would furthermore opinion and build a breathtaking layout, grade by grade, no topic how miniature purpose you would furthermore possess, or what your funds is.

And all of it begins with the layout opinion that is the variation between a layout that by no approach derails and runs like clockwork, gentle as silk without the discontinuance-begins that blight most novices.

What’s extra, I’m about to portion a assorted handy resource that I’ve constructed up over years of blogging on railroads. It is possible you’ll know in days what the professionals took years to learn.

Frankly, it reveals you, grade by grade, how you would furthermore opinion and build a layout that your mates and family true obtained’t mediate you would furthermore possess created.

It would no longer topic must you would furthermore possess by no approach modelled ahead of, or you would furthermore possess true rediscovered your trains in the attic and blown the dirt off. You’ll be amazed at what you would furthermore obtain with this handy resource.

From: Alastair Lee

Dear Model Railroad Beginner,

Surely, I’m biased, however the downloadable recordsdata I’m about to portion with you is unmissable for novices and seasoned modellers.

Why make I narrate that? On anecdote of over the years I’ve aloof hints and pointers from hundreds of mannequin inform fanatics and collectively they devise basically the most comprehensive mannequin inform handy resource you would furthermore ever take into consideration.

They create up a temporary and simple grade by grade motion opinion that has you developing masterpieces in days.

A layout that fills you with pride, individual who you are bursting to be aware your nearest and dearest?

Effectively I’m in a position to inform you, even must you would furthermore possess by no approach picked up a portion of discover ahead of, you would furthermore make it. What’s extra, I’m in a position to be aware it too – you would furthermore possess easiest acquired to behold the photos of some first time modellers on my weblog: buy a behold at John’s and you would possibly discover precisely what I imply.

Whereas you happen to genuinely feel daunted by the considered having a prance – don’t be! It be all about breaking it down: planning the layout to suit your purpose, the bench, striking the discover down, what scenery to switch where and why…

And then obviously, there’s your entire electrics to type out – and that’s the ultimate ingredient you will have to acquire inferior after striking your total scenery down!

Appears to be like like there’s loads to acquire to grips with, would no longer there? It be now no longer your fault must you are thinking that – every newbie has been there.

The real fact is, with the correct planning and a solid grade by grade approach, someone can obtain a entirely shapely layout.

And there’s nothing extra fulfilling too.

It would no longer topic how powerful time or purpose you would furthermore possess – or must you would furthermore possess ‘sausage fingers’ like me. You true need the correct job. And that goes for every section of your layout – the scenery, the electrics, the detailing… the total lot.

As soon as what to make – and why – they’ll be no stopping you.

And it’s hard to particular the pride you would possibly obtain from the hours and hours of running your locomotives. What’s extra, the behold on your grandkids faces when they discover your layout will in all probability be handy.

And mediate me…

And here is how with my grade by grade Model Railroads for Novices.

What makes it particular is the arrangement in which it came collectively. Years and years of pointers and tricks from the weblog give it tall cost however I genuinely possess to claim, when the americans in my Hall of Reputation started endorsing it, even I became as soon as amazed.

It made me very joyful with the e book and I ticket it would present you basically the most explain and quickest path to a layout that makes you proud too. And that’s the rationale a gargantuan feeling.

It be amusing, nonetheless it’s considered this type of hobbies that you by no approach discontinuance learning about. Nobody is aware of the total lot so there’s moderately a learning curve. However this e book softens the blow.

What’s extra, mistakes are costly too now no longer to be aware the time they burn. So place your self a miniature fortune and hours of heartache give the e book a prance.

Effectively, you are one click on away from taking step one. Basically, it is basically the most productive ingredient stopping you.

So please don’t sit there mulling it over to any extent extra. Scratching your head over where to originate obtained’t obtain you anywhere. The real fact is, you would furthermore’t bumble or dither in to developing a truly perfect layout.

It is possible you’ll maybe furthermore, nonetheless, lay our a fortune, waste limitless hours and soundless possess nothing to be aware for it. And mediate me, when that occurs, it’s soul destroying (expect me how I do know).

Otherwise you would furthermore bury your self in books. However that is now no longer cheap either and all of them possess one direct slant how does the saying
prance again? “To a individual with a hammer, the total lot looks like a nail”.

And again, that is what makes this e book. There would possibly be a collective recordsdata about it.

Surely, you would furthermore true camp down online and obtain everthing you prefer to. However you would possibly quickly develop drained of that. It be like retaining the contents of your kitchen in each place in the condominium, in every room. In the head, it would force you loopy. There is just not any longer any boom. No, What to make subsequent and why. You obtain the image.

Basically, even on my weblog, as precious as it’s, you would possibly waste hours shopping for the stuff you are after and quickly obtain facet tracked.

And that’s the rationale any other the rationalization why I set this e book collectively. Every thing you prefer to, in a truly simple to use, grade by grade, job to build a breath taking mannequin railroad is laid out for you.

Model Railroads for novices is a one discontinuance e book that holds your entire secrets to your breaktaking railroad.

This downloadable e book has been years in the making and grabs the approach of planning and constructing your layout by the scruff of the neck:

  • Suggestions to originate without problems it’s all all the formula down to the easy grade by grade planning
  • Suggestions to sidestep these mistakes every newbie will get suckered in to (again, expect me how I do know…)
  • Suggestions to create particular your trains and discover go simply and compliments the scenery
  • Suggestions to behold after your engines, rolling stock and layout. On the least, it would possibly be your pride and pleasure!

These are true about a of the serious principles that create or ruin or a layout. Fortunately, every putrid is covered in Model Railroads for Novices.

So what’s stopping you? You genuinely are true one click on away from starting a inch that’ll offer you years and years of pleasure.

That is a taster of the deal with you are in for:

  • Suggestions to grab the layout that will get basically the most from your funds and readily out there purpose
  • DCC systems demystified so someone can opinion for one.
  • Suggestions to calculate how many engines you would furthermore go at one time and what you must always boost it.
  • Suggestions to internet where these annoying electrical problems are and the arrangement in which you would furthermore fix ’em.
  • The fantastic scale for you (obtain this inferior and it would force you insane).
  • Where you would furthermore make a selection most (now no longer all) of your stuff at prick fee
  • Suggestions to create scenery from objects you would possibly customarily throw away
  • Straightforward ways to create meadows and fields scheme to lifestyles
  • Which discover alternate ideas are easiest for you and why
  • All engines and rolling stock are now no longer equal discover how and why and place a miniature fortune.
  • Straightforward ways to magnificent your discover and create a discover cleaner
  • Weathering made simple obviously, I’m biased, however you obtained’t internet higher a greater formula to create your engines, rolling stock and scenery behold dilapidated.
  • Suggestions to wire your layout from originate to attain
  • And loads, lot extra…

That is true about a of the nuggets you would possibly whisper in Model Railroads for Novices. It be there for you, correct now.

What’s extra, it’s repeatedly being developed, tweaked and improved. However easiest of all, the updates are free, for lifestyles.

Seeing as you would furthermore possess learn to this level, you are maybe questioning true how powerful ‘Model railroads for Novices’ is.

I genuinely possess correct news for you. No, gargantuan news.

First of all, assorted online resources tie you in to membership you do no longer obtain any chance. That is now no longer the case here: it is a one off, one time cost.

And that cost, how powerful is it? Aesthetic $27. Yep, that is correct, you obtain the total lot I’ve listed for true $27.

However the correct news would no longer discontinuance there though. You furthermore obtain distinctive obtain entry to to ‘gated’ dispute material on my weblog. That approach, no person else can discover it it’s true for you. And it covers all these hot matters:

Free bonus #1

47 Money saving mannequin railroad pointers you by no approach would possess considered!

As powerful as I love this ardour, it’s one downfall is how powerful it must be aware. However these pointers, tricks and gems place you money, time and time again. And they true prance to be aware by no approach throw the leisure away!

Free bonus #2

Weathering grade by grade for shapely outcomes.

The adaptation between a gargantuan layout and a truly perfect layout is on the total the weathering. It true casts a delicate-weight of realism over your total layout.

And it’s amazing how refined it must even be too. Aesthetic about a simple weathering tricks change into an ‘out of the box’ engine in to a difficult working, conflict mature, loco that keeps the railroad going.

However easiest of all, it’s extremely fun. Basically, it’s my favourite section of the entire job. I would possibly furthermore use all day doing it.

Free bonus #3

Scratch constructed bridges made simple

Daydream over a mannequin railroad and there are repeatedly about a positive aspects that create the will record… Mountains, tunnels, lakes… and naturally, a bridge.

This gated dispute material takes you grade by grade, girder by girder, how you would furthermore scratch build your possess bridge. Why scratch build one? Effectively, it’s tremendously fun. And making the bridge to suit your layout (and now no longer the varied formula spherical) is terribly fulfilling.

And strangely sufficient, the discover is repeatedly drawn to them so that they must soundless be predicament on. That is how you would furthermore obtain them true correct.

Free bonus #4

Water positive aspects grade by grade

There would possibly be easiest one ingredient that is true as fun as bridge constructing making your possess lake or water feature. However it’s furthermore basically the most complex. Bag it inferior and you would possibly genuinely feel like pulling your hair out. There would possibly be a proper artwork to it.

However this gated dispute material makes is to simple and simple. Basically, it even reveals you to acquire waterfalls true correct, so basically the most productive ingredient that is going to limit you is your creativeness.

Free bonus #5

Ravishing tunnels

The last observe in most americans’s wishlist for his or her layout is a tunnel. In this free bonus you would possibly discover extra tricks than you would furthermore shake a stick out. Fancy what to make when your inform derails in the center of it!

And naturally, how you would furthermore obtain these tunnel entrances trying beautifully weathered.

As you would furthermore discover in mannequin railroading, there are loads of assorted ways of doing the similar ingredient – and here is terribly true with tunnels. We camouflage all of them!

Free bonus #6

Free updates for lifestyles! It would no longer topic must you sold, you would possibly repeatedly possess obtain entry to to the very most modern version (and I’m editing and adding to, your entire time).

Now, I’m now no longer going to embarrass myself and inform you all these free bonuses on the total sell for a loopy be aware and you are saving gazillions – because any fool can discover the cost in them. They create it a total, one discontinuance equipment, that true will get higher and better with time. I could proceed so as to add stuff whereas it’s soundless getting prominent comments like Dave’s and Sign’s.

What’s extra, no topic how powerful stuff will get added, it would soundless be a one time cost of true $27.

It be a gargantuan be aware, and all in favour of the rationale that e book and gated dispute material is delivered online – there are now no longer any fulfilment or print expenses (I shudder to evaluate how powerful it would be aware to print and ship the total lot that is integrated).

You’re going to acquire the e book in a downloadable PDF layout, which is piquant to be learn on any computer (PDF stands for Portable Doc Layout in your entire geeks out there). What’s extra, even on a uninteresting lifeless internet connection it easiest takes about a minutes to catch.

And naturally, it approach you would furthermore obtain it any time of the day or night – even in the miniature hours of the morning.

“My private, 60 day, 100% pride and money assist guarantee.

Let me create it so simple as I’m in a position to for you…

I genuinely make mediate you will in all probability be fully delighted alongside with your Model Railroad for Novices handbook.

I narrate this for 2 causes.

First and main because talented modellers like Arnie, Dave and Sign all give it a substantial thumbs up. Read their testimonials on the handbook – and then behold at about a of their weblog posts. Frankly, these americans know what they are doing.

Secondly, years and years of weblog posts from modellers in each place in the planet possess accrued a collective recordsdata I create now no longer judge you would furthermore internet anywhere else.

And there’s any other reason too. Whereas you happen to don’t judge it’s fee every penny, for any reason or no reason at all – inform me and I could refund you in beefy.

There is just not any longer any miniature print. No catches. Nothing. I’m far too prolonged in the tooth to be squabbling over $27. I genuinely desire you to be fully delighted or I could happily offer you your money assist.

So here is where the rubber meets the boulevard for true $27 you would furthermore be doing, in desire to dreaming.

And it is a genuinely miniature sum must you have faith you studied about how powerful it would place you in the prolonged term, and the arrangement in which proud you would possibly genuinely feel when guests and family commentary on the shapely layout born from your new ardour.

What’s extra, true so there is just not any risk in anyway on your section, it comes with a cast-iron, no quibble, money assist guarantee. Whereas you happen to don’t judge it’s fee every penny, let me know and I could refund you in beefy, no questions requested.

Surely, I’m biased, however I judge you will in all probability be fully delighted.

Aesthetic click on on the ‘add to cart’ button below and buy that first step.

  • Your total Model Railroads for Novices grade by grade handbook 109 pages of foolproof instruction with colour pics and diagrams.
  • Bonus 1 – 47 money saving railroad pointers
  • Bonus 2 – Weathering grade by grade for shapely outcomes
  • Bonus 3 – Scratch constructed bridges made simple
  • Bonus 4 – Water positive aspects grade by grade
  • Bonus 5 – Ravishing tunnels
  • Bonus 6 – Free lifestyles time updates

And to boot as to the Model Railroads for Novices handbook and the 6 online ‘how you would furthermore’ bonuses, I could furthermore obtain:

  • A cast-iron, no quible, no questions requested 60 day money assist guarantee.

I furthermore ticket that I obtain all dispute material, straight away online – so I’m in a position to even be taking part in the your entire dispute material in subsequent few minutes.

Add to cart

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Polite be aware: I reserve the correct to boost
pricing without prior stare.

The second your cost is accepted, you will in all probability be pushed to a catch page where it must place you Model Railroads for Novices to your PC.

Otherwise you would furthermore true bookmark that page and repeatedly possess obtain entry to to it alongside with your details.

As well to to the Model Railroads for Novices, you would possibly furthermore obtain your 6 bonus links. Surely, I’m biased, nonetheless it genuinely will genuinely feel like Christmas.

Simply set, you are minutes away from mastering considered one of basically the most fun hobbies on this planet. There would possibly be true no formula to record the feeling of pride and pleasure when assorted americans discover your layout with envy.

Don’t sit on the fence. The risk is all mine. Exhaust that first step and collectively you would possibly obtain a total new world.

You are one click on away from doing – in desire to dreaming. Make the leap correct now and I could discover you on the varied facet.

Surely, I’m biased, however must you would furthermore possess enjoyed the weblog, you would possibly absolutely just like the Model Railroad for Novices handbook.

And naturally, the risk is all mine.

I guess I’ve acknowledged all I’m in a position to.



PS Aesthetic so we’re obvious, you obtain the total lot above for a ONE time cost of $27. And it comes with a 60 day, no quibble, money assist guarantee.

PPS Joyful modelling!

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“Hi there Al

I genuinely possess to claim that attributable to you in your entire pointers you would furthermore possess been ready to send over the few years I genuinely possess been assist in to basically the most productive ardour in the field. My accomplice would furthermore pick to thank you as attributable to you she has managed to acquire me out of her hair and tucked away in my inform room leaving her to trip peace and unruffled. The total fellow modellers who possess despatched in there solutions of make’s and dont’s possess been nice and genuinely honorable however after you the greatest thanks for me anyway must prance to Rob with Farland Howe, Arnie for phenomenal pointers and Dreadful Dave (I call these the three guru’s of mannequin trains) All of there pointers and recommendation for me possess been nice and many my inspiration for my possess layout Scoobton Bassett (you valuable confirmed my photos here) possess all approach from these 3 masters. All that is left to claim is serve the gargantuan work you make for us all. Bless you

Pete ‘the Mackem’ Jones”

“Hi there Al,

The total pointers are gargantuan. I’m 66 yrs dilapidated and possess been working on my HO purpose up for the ultimate 5 yrs. Been very lifeless because we possess got a Ranch in New Mexico and it takes alot of time to preserve it going. I had trains as a kid. Right here the BNSF goes by true on the varied facet of the boulevard and I soundless obtain mad every time.

Sustain them coming.


“Hi there Al. I’m very appreciative of your weblog. The variation of scale, contents and pointers create it so interesting. Additionally the chance for readers to respond now no longer easiest reveals the interest of others however is an encouragement that there are loads of others in each place in the field with a like minded interest. You son’s fluctuate of kits are very correct. Sustain the positioning going as it’s shining.

Regards Peter”

“Hi there Al

Your weblog is something we care for up for a week and proved handy when we constructed our first layout. Unfortunately, attributable to purpose necessities our first attempt has had to be dismantled. We hope to be assist with any other one when the miniature one is a miniature bit older and we possess got the purpose readily out there. Till then, preserve em coming.

Regards Wayne and Jayden”

“It is possible you’ll maybe furthermore possess no notion of how powerful enjoyment you would furthermore possess given to so many americans. Over the years I genuinely possess saved every e-mail ticket that you would furthermore possess despatched to me.

How can I narrate the leisure assorted than thank you so powerful for every e-mail and video that you would furthermore possess despatched my formula. Most obtained’t be in the “N” gauge that I’m into, BUT they’ll all be used to offer me so many solutions that I’m in a position to use in my possess layout.

And thank you so powerful for caring sufficient to place apart them collectively.



I must soundless be merely and inform you that at one time I became as soon as very mad about mannequin railroading, however attributable to having to live in firm housing for over 25 years, I became as soon as unable to make it. I’m now retired and true trip learning and staring at your weblog. It is very perfect. It is that you would furthermore take into consideration that in the attain future, attributable to your weblog, I would possibly furthermore even obtain alive to again even supposing dilapidated age has purpose in.

I’m hoping my unhappy yarn can assist you to serve the gargantuan work you would furthermore possess started. Identical days it’s what keeps me going.

Bob-Venice Fl

“Alastair: From my coronary heart-serve the correct work. I by no approach create time nor make I commit the funds to rob the mannequin railroad magazines readily out there thru my newsstands or subscription, the manager reason is that they are basically made up of adverts with about a articles thrown in to support purchasers. Your space concentrates (from my commentary) on displaying what and extra importantly how assorted mannequin inform fanatics attain what they make giving us a myriad of tactics to preserve in thoughts. This has inspired me to offer severe consideration to in the slay build my possess layout. At age 75 I had figured that I became as soon as too dilapidated to originate because I in all likelihood obtained’t live prolonged sufficient to behold it executed. By learning and staring at your internet space I now ticket that I must soundless forget about ending and true trip doing. As soon as more all my thanks, furthermore kudos to your son’s artwork?? and to your total very perfect contributors for which you furnish a discipline to be aware tactics, layouts, communication and true loads of fun! – CD”

“I repeatedly care for up for all the pointers and your railways scenes. They absolutely attend me with my miniature ardour, N gage. Your efforts are repeatedly appreciated. Thanks your entire easiest – John ”


I judge I became as soon as repeatedly interested by mannequin trains because, as teens, my brothers, sisters and I had a purpose that became as soon as repeatedly set up below the Christmas tree yearly. It wasn’t basically the most productive nonetheless it created loads of fun for all of us. My father genuinely gave that Marx purpose to my brother for his first birthday in 1945. My brother had miniature interest in the fervour and I requested him if he would give it to my son for his birthday. Unhappy to claim my son has no interest either so I inherited it.

In 2012 my granddaughter died after a heroic conflict with cancer. She became as soon as easiest 21 months dilapidated. Soon after I constructed the tables for my layout and I purpose up that dilapidated Marx inform. That became as soon as the starting of my like for this ardour. I invited my grandson over to “attend.” He became as soon as easiest three then. We brought the dilapidated purpose assist to lifestyles and labored on the Plasticville scenery.
The tracks had rusted and we had to interchange them. Soon we learned that Marx is no longer appropriate with assorted trains so I genuinely possess been procuring for used rolling stock and a Penn Central K-4. Now I’m ready to work on the scenery. That is a gargantuan ardour because it keeps me out of peril and has helped me build a extra lasting relationship with my grandson.

Your emails imply a gargantuan deal to me. They are a hyperlink to any other world. The pics and videos you send alongside with them are repeatedly interesting to me. They’ve given me many solutions about layouts, scenery and explained terminology that I wasn’t familiar with. When I learn you emails I on the total obtain solutions that I would possibly no longer obtain in assorted areas. Your weblog inspires me to live in this ardour.

Thanks for doing what you make and for retaining me mad a couple of gargantuan ardour.


“You offer a by no approach ending provide of solutions and ways for constructing or rebuilding layouts. One of the precious valuable tips are phenomenal, and these why did no longer I judge of that moments by no approach discontinuance. Sustain up the correct work.


“Hi there Al

I step by step learn your mail and specifically behold at the photos. And I learn alot from tem.

I’m now 55 and made up our minds to revive the mannequin trains I kept from my teen years and were laying on a trunk for decades. I’m now bringing assist to lifestyles. You mails are repeatedly interesting because they assist americans and now no longer like these guys that narrate “what a terrible ho mannequin” it’s one mm longer then it will soundless.

Modeling is intended to be fun and you are helping it.


“I judge your entire blogs possess been very perfect and I absolutely obtain inspiration from them. I started again at 66 to build a layout in my garage. I became as soon as so impressed with Sam the Dogs video I genuinely possess tried to replicate it. The board is suspended on four metal strutts from the ceiling and a boat winch is used to winch it up for my accomplice to park her vehicle. With out your blogs I must no longer possess acquired this far.


“Al. Thanks in your time, your patience, and your like of mannequin railroading. I trip receiving your blogs and I care for up for learning them.



It takes a assorted individual to make what you would furthermore possess completed for all of us for moderately some time. As you obtain extra experienced at doing this, it’s simple to forget that you’re genuinely a teacher, and a genuinely correct one I would possibly furthermore add. Any individual in instructing must try to be aware what it’s like for us students to behold, hear, try, ticket, desire, desire, and loads others. every style of things coping with trains for THE VERY FIRST TIME.

You present a conduit (like none assorted) to so many things that are new to us for the first time newbies,. or second timers,. or a many timers the solutions you present will in all probability be mundane to some, however for loads of americans it’s welcome recordsdata a couple of genuinely particular ardour. WE THANK YOU MOST SINCERELY — KEEP SHARING!


“Shimmering.!! So many solutions, hints, & loads of nice layouts,a broad thank you from me.


“We will Al, nowadays my father become 97. He constructed an HO layout, “the HO railroad that grows”, for me after I became as soon as a miniature bit one. Three years ago, I brought up the premise for an 8X6 HO layout for him. It be almost executed with true miniature stammer and landscaping to switch. We’re both retired firefighters, so we possess got three emergency scenes. The board lights up like a Christmas tree when we flip on the lights. Anyway, I’ve been sharing your weblog with Dad for the rationale that starting and wished to thank you for the unending solutions we possess got gotten from you. It be all been so precious in having Dad here with me nowadays.


“Hi there Al,

I guess I’m an dilapidated guy too and since I retired at 67 4 years assist hve been step by step adding to my railway stock, discover and buildings, and loads others, with the substantial opinion in look to acquire the layout I repeatedly wished however by no approach acquired the time to close ahead of. ultimate 12 months I build a miniature layout for my grandchildren to trip when visiting us for holidays which became as soon as an experiment for me to take a look at out out DCC in a miniature formula and soundless go my DC stock to boot. We all enjoyed it so I prance prance for the substantial one now ahead of it’s too lifeless!

Your weblog has been my lifestyles jacket to carrying on and learning / seeing the varied solutions, pointers and extremely perfect efforts of my guests has been inspirational! There are assorted internet sites and naturally railway modelling magazines to hunt too however there’s a spark in “Al’s” weblog that is terribly shimmering.

I create now no longer know the arrangement you would furthermore thank you extra and the contributors like “Dreadful Dave” who create such very perfect videos with a sense of humour and fun. Stress-free is what it must be and fun is what you would furthermore possess made it.

Thanks Al.


“Hi there Al,

I genuinely possess been a rail fan ever since I’m in a position to even be aware modeling with my father. Now I work with my son and offer him pointers, tricks and tactics equipped easiest thru your weblog.

Your generosity, enthusiasm and devoted time sending aid to all americans looks to be a proper testomony to a individual obsessive about his ardour and lifestyles – helping others.

Thanks again in your total tireless work.

A devoted fan,


“I made up my thoughts I became as soon as going to acquire a challenge on My grandson and I to participating in collectively. You are attend has been broad and galvanizing. The last observe time my grandson became as soon as here his commentary became as soon as” papa here is awesome”. Thanks.


“Hi there Al! I’m new to modeling and possess started a layout with my 10 12 months dilapidated daughter. I’m taking part in your posts and possess learned so powerful. I love your total efforts and exertions to attend preserve us going. The total solutions are gargantuan and we can set them to correct use. Thanks again!!

Bryan from Washington Snarl USA”

“I genuinely possess enjoyed learning the contributions and pointers and about a of the videos and photos are spirited.

I’m true returning to modelling at the age of 61 after marriage and family set the total lot in storage over 30 years ago! The ardour has moved on and your weblog has been instrumental in getting me up to this level.


“Thanks Al in your total exertions in compiling all these solutions, hints, layouts and loads others. for all prolonged time now.

I genuinely possess discovered the total lot honorable and enticing.



I judge that you’re doing a gargantuan job. For the ultimate 13 years my trains possess been in boxes first due to no purpose and now that we are in a new discipline, condominium things to to. I now possess the purpose and having adopted your weblog, approach this fall things are going to be unpacked. I doubt that it would happen without you and your assorted contributors giving me the foremost incentive.


“I dont know what I would make without the weblog and your attend,
I genuinely possess managed to acquire my layout well started and is now ongoing a wee
bit at a time (when its a moist weekend),,thanks again in your total attend
and prolonged would possibly furthermore it proceed.

Donald ”

“Hello Al,

I’m moderately new to mannequin railroading, currently working on my second layout after I frustratingly ripped the first one apart attributable to unhappy discover planning amongst assorted rookie mistakes. I’ve completed a aesthetic quantity of Web learning looking to soak up your entire pointers and hints I’m in a position to. Your weblog is by far stuffed with basically the most honorable recordsdata on the catch and I true wished to claim thank you for striking in the time and vitality it takes to preserve basically the most productive mannequin railroading weblog on the catch up and running. Thanks again…Steve

“Hi there Al,

Ive wished to create a lay out since I became as soon as 14. Im now 58 and in the slay started. Your pointers, how you would furthermore, videos, and loads others. were absolutely an inspiration.
Thx to all who possess submitted recommendation and thx to Al for retaining me urged.


“Hi there Al:

First let me narrate a gargantuan substantial thank you for striking genuinely in depth effort in publishing the blogs.

I logged on a couple of years ago when, in my dilapidated age, I started with the premise of developing a mannequin railroad and settled on O gauge; having no notion and no doubt no trip having by no approach completed it on how you would furthermore obtain going. I become to internet and by some means discovered your weblog the absolute ingredient I foremost. Most of the layouts you would furthermore possess published over the time possess been an stunning attend.

Thanks very very powerful.


“I Thank You, I’ve easiest set one put up on here a bout my espresso desk layout, I genuinely possess had to discontinuance due job changes however I genuinely possess learn and looked at every e-mail I obtain from you. Your total participants are dismay spirited and the photos of layouts, the pointers they are all so awesome so I thank you

Brian from KY

“Many many thanks. The pointers, must you learn them, are repeatedly basically the most productive of solutions which you must always soundless possess considered your self however by no approach did.
Please preserve them coming as basically the most productive notion is repeatedly basically the most productive.




Experience the blogs.

Heaps of gargantuan solutions possess changed my thoughts loads of conditions after having learn the blogs. Infrequently its frustrating on my
section for the rationale that resolution became as soon as staring at me and I would possibly furthermore now no longer discover it till after I learn the weblog.

Aesthetic preserve these playing cards and letters coming – I love them very powerful.

So thank you in your total time and energy striking this collectively.


“Hi there Al.

A substantial thank you for the gargantuan e-mails you send out to all of us.

I genuinely possess been a mannequin railroader for the previous thirty years now and I trip
your entire e-mails you send out. Model railroad is considered one of many greatest hobbies
in the field and I’m joyful with owning my layout,(28 feet by 7 feet) and
as most guys, repeatedly changing or adding things to it. Your interest in this
ardour is a gargantuan attend to all who desire to originate or give a pick to their layouts.

I genuinely possess been a mannequin railroader for the previous thirty years now and I trip
Al, you make a gargantuan carrier in sending the solutions you make and thank you for that.
The total very easiest to you and preserve the e-mails coming, they are gargantuan.

I genuinely possess been a mannequin railroader for the previous thirty years now and I trip
From Dave in CANADA.

“Yo Al!!

I genuinely possess been sitting here all this time learning your weblog and pointers. What I genuinely possess learn here has been both academic and inspirational. It looks to me that almost all of this recordsdata is per British or European style or suggestions of mannequin railroading. I bit assorted from the formula we make things on this facet of the pond. The principle ingredient that I’ve learned is that you make now no longer need a ton of money to trip this ardour. Thanks in your works and inspiration. Sustain up the gargantuan works.


“Hi there Al,

I true desire to claim thank you. I had a mannequin railroad all over my teens, 50+ years ago. Since I retired and unable to acquire out loads attributable to well being disorders, I’m getting assist into putting in place my trains. I genuinely possess almost 100 pieces of rolling stock and loads of alternative engines from 50 years ago. Issues possess changed so powerful from the 1960’s, my head is swimming alongside with your entire new technology. I learn your weblog faithfully and genuinely powerful just like the tips and recordsdata you and your readers give. With DCC, DC, Sound, and loads others., I genuinely possess loads to digest. I’m modelling downtown Akron, Ohio in the 1950’s. We had five or six railroads all over that time and I genuinely possess correct memories of staring at these trains and going downtown. Those were correct conditions. I could send you photos after I obtain far sufficient alongside with the setup. I could maybe write you and your readers in each place in the work with questions. So, as soon as extra you are vastly appreciated. I desire you basically the most productive. Exhaust care.


“Thanks Al in your weblog. I care for up for its arrival and trip all of it over the week. We are genuinely between properties and possess no purpose for any modeling. Your weblog and contributors possess kept my interest excessive and I opinion to originate a new layout when we obtain settled again. I genuinely possess already acquired my lists of make’s and do not”s, some added by your recordsdata. I possess never picked a scale or possess any discover plans but. That’ll approach after I discover with what purpose I genuinely possess to work. The scale will in all probability be as gargantuan as I’m in a position to compare, as I opinion to acquire the substantial young americans alive to. Sustain up the correct work!



i re entered the fervour about a years assist and ran all over you. i possess been saving your pointers, recommendation, and solutions since then. i behold them over each and each time i’m stuck on something. as a rule you would furthermore possess been there completed that so i will clear up my peril. wether it became as soon as what you confirmed or even true substances of what you confirmed that helped me clear up my peril you would furthermore possess helped me loads of conditions. i watched you prance up your layout and all that work you did to restore to new layout. that made me judge that the work i already did on my layout wasn’t something which would possibly be eternal however furthermore will in all probability be flexible. i possess watched your u tube videos about a conditions true to behold how you did something then use it on my possess layout. as a rule with changes to compare my layout. most nowadays it has been on led lights. i cherished how you lit your layout with led so off i went. you confirmed me how you would furthermore originate and my inch in lights began.

btw i’m a dilapidated stinker furthermore. true retiring. serve the gargantuan work. there are maybe loads of others your posts and now no longer saying the leisure like i make however like them your entire similar.


“As a soundless member of this team I true desire to claim a private, thank you.

I genuinely possess enjoyed the tales and precious hints.

I’m currently re-starting off my railroad empire after about a false begins. I genuinely possess miniature purpose and therefore n scale, this works in opposition to my reduced eyesight however approach I’m in a position to creat my empire in my miniature purpose.

I’m working on my kind now and possess committed over the approaching weekend to possess the originate of my operational railroad in discipline.

That is what your weblog has assist me to originate.

Joyful to portion my progress, especially as an ample deg individual true starting out!


“The scenery pointers and hints possess inspired me to offer a pick to my layout. It sat lazy for loads of months with many lights now no longer working and broken scenery. Now all of it all has been repaired attributable to you.



Its been an stunning bolt and the solutions Most great. One of the precious valuable urged “fixes’ possess been very welcome and I genuinely possess used a couple of them to clear up problems. Layout kind and scenery solutions were warmly acquired and welcome.

It is possible you’ll maybe furthermore possess completed a marvellous job and deserve a medal.

Simplest regards from a Kiwi


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All photos and quotes taken from subscribers:

“Wow! In the end a e book on mannequin railroad construction that is now no longer hampered by a single minded creator/fanatic! With extra than one contributors and written in a truly simple to ticket and soak up formula it’s supreme for the newbie. It be furthermore an enticing and enlightening learn for an experienced modeler. I genuinely possess in my notion been in the fervour for 60 years and I thoroughly enjoyed (and learned from) the insights and abilities of my fellow modelers in this e book. This would possibly occasionally be a “would possibly want to possess” for my library!
Sign Bathrooms, Hall of Reputation member.”

“This eBook handbook helps to concretise and prepare the foremost thinking that is foremost for a skill modeler to desire to roll up his sleeves and ‘buy the jump of faith’ to originate a layout. Even the experienced modeler can internet honorable recordsdata in this book. My inch in direction of constructing my layout became as soon as on the total by trial-and-error. I’ve learned that a a success layout final outcome requires time and patience; that the three foremost substances are:

1. Accept as true with/Dream – envision what you will have to acquire; 2. Plan – buy the time to patiently analysis your solutions and create drawings of the discover opinion..; and then, 3. Make It. This book has been carefully thought out and addresses these key positive aspects. And it does all this thru examples and the arrangement in which-tos. It be fee having a reproduction as a to hand reference alongside your modeling inch.

Appropriate Luck,

Arnie – Hall of Reputation member.”

“I started out and maybe about a pointers thru magazines, however made so many mistakes that it would possess been less dear to switch by the e book… as the saying goes…so having this to hand to learn, stage by stage, would possess helped me loads and saved me money in the prolonged term. A must for all novices and even established modellers. – Dreadful Dave, Hall of Reputation member.”

That is a gargantuan e book for these of all ages embarking on the very perfect ardour of mannequin railways. Al has drawn on an infinite network of fellow modellers to compile a e book that is stuffed with perfect pointers and yarn deliver taking you thru all stages of increasing a mannequin railway. Als personable writing style and inspirational anecdotes will purpose you off in the correct direction and create particular you trip the many joys of the fervour alongside the formula. – Cameron Davies, Hall of Reputation member.”


I genuinely possess been an avid reader of your weblog for extra than 4 years now and possess thoroughly enjoyed your due diligence in sustaining a top of the vary learning source.
Several of the posts possess given me solutions to use on my possess mannequin railroad. Thanks for retaining all americans well urged, and please thank your steady readers for submitting such thought-unsightly initiatives. Cheers! -Dick”

“Gday Al

we set now no longer possess the leisure like your weblog that I genuinely possess been ready to internet here in Australia, so merely seeing the work of like minded americans is a substantial bonus for me, especially as I live in the nation. The ingredient I love most about your weblog is the willingness of americans from in each discipline to portion their railway making inch. Some are genuinely stand out works of artwork, especially Dreadful Dave whose layout has been a fixed source of inspiration. I genuinely possess true begun designing an N gauge layout for my two young sons who like trains, having been Thomas The Tank Engine fans for all their short lives. Expectantly I will in all probability be sending in about a of my pics and videos as the layout progresses.

So thanks you for putting in place your weblog and please preserve them coming.


“Hi there Al,

I’m considered one of your readers who basically likes to learn and look your posts. I trip it very powerful. I started a mannequin inform challenge on February utilizing many pointers from your space. I genuinely possess furthermore cherished and possess sold loads of your sons templates for buildings and properties.

Thanks in your exertions,


“Hi there Alastair:

As correct from the starting I love the weblog for loads of causes which I obtained’t be aware all of them till I hit send ‘reason well I become 74 the day prior to this.

There has been a gargantuan fluctuate of solutions, pointers, layouts, photos from americans in each place in the field sharing their excitement and fervour for this ardour. Modeler’s first makes an attempt, to seasoned modelers solutions, pointers, layouts. Heaps of spirited stuff. Your weblog would no longer be aware indicators of getting drained.

I’m very contented alongside with your efforts and for all the those that possess taken their time and energy to portion their ardour.


“Hi there Al,

I care for up for receiving your emails because there’s repeatedly something you would furthermore learn from what assorted americans are doing and if it wasn’t in your links we would maybe be ready to talk about with assorted like minded americans.

I’m furthermore of classic age and I’m running classic 3 rail trains (is that dilapidated or what?) however unlike most of your readers I’m true starting out in the fervour and possess loads to learn. On anecdote of I live in Australia, loads of the scenery I discover in your links is European and is no longer relative to my section of the field nonetheless, having acknowledged that, I guess the suggestions of construction are the similar no topic where in the field you are positioned.

Sustain up the correct work because if it wasn’t for americans equivalent to your self loads of americans, alongside with me, would possibly furthermore free interest in the fervour and merely stroll away from it.


“Hi there Al,

I trip learning the tales and the solutions americans send in. I genuinely possess constructed 3 layouts in the previous (we possess got moved a miniature bit in the ultimate 6 years) and I’m now gathering recordsdata for a fourth. You learn extra each and each time you re-originate, so your ‘stuff’ is de facto FANTASTIC!!…and then alongside comes Dave….BRILLIANT!




Aesthetic wished you to know the arrangement powerful I love your weblog. On every occasion I locate a attend beefy be aware, I place it to a folder for future reference. I furthermore trip the videos and photos as they give me solutions on a that you would furthermore take into consideration build in my garage. So here is hoping you proceed the correct work. I’ve learned loads to this level and am looking ahead to learning so powerful extra.


“I’m a newbie at this as I’m doing this for my gargantuan nephew and grandson. I genuinely possess absolutely no recordsdata of the leisure I’m doing with the exception of for toddle and error. I genuinely possess acquired some gargantuan solutions and solutions your space is counseled. Thanks for all of it.


“Hi there Alastair, thank you in your weblog. I and my seven 12 months dilapidated son trip seeing the gargantuan creations and accumulate solutions for things we would possibly make with our railroad purpose. Restful true one landscape share, however planning our subsequent addition. Thanks again for the muse and training.


“Hi there Al,

My lifeless father launched me to the arrangement in which of life of mannequin railroads after I became as soon as dilapidated sufficient to prance. Practically 50 years later and my 5 12 months dilapidated daughter has been assessed as having problems alongside with her perfect-trying motor abilities. The respond became as soon as apparent obtain her to attend build a mannequin railway layout. That is where your handy space comes in. I work fulltime in an place of job atmosphere and my modelling skill purpose is sorely missing. The foundation and commonsense solutions you present are beyond be aware. Sustain up the gargantuan work. Goodness is aware of I need your entire allow you to can present.


“Mr. Al,

Your space has helped me so powerful, for 40 years I genuinely possess sold and sold HO trains, buildings, landscape things and loads others.. I genuinely possess now no longer had the time nor the purpose to make the leisure with them. Effectively guess what I now possess the purpose and about a of the time. I’m utilizing a room in the basement 10 x 12 in a U fashioned layout and possess enjoyed so powerful your emails and the write-u.s.of your following as to how you would furthermore true about the leisure. I admit I’m now no longer formula attain a Dave however for a rookie I judge I genuinely possess correct solutions and am looking on you to be aware me the formula. Cant make it without you. At some level I will in all probability be sending some photos however now no longer true but.

Stick with it Al,

St Louis Bob”

“It is possible you’ll maybe furthermore be easiest as dilapidated as you allow your self to genuinely feel, Al. The clock says I’m 75 (bt I ticket it’s off by about 40).

Starting a genuinely complex layout, and were it now no longer for the muse I genuinely possess acquired from those that you spotlight, I doubt that I would possess attempted a 12 x 12 setup that I believed of all over a prolonged and fulfilling US Army occupation.


“Thanks Thanks Thanks. Al I live in a miniature nation half formula between Sydney and Brisbane there is easiest about a here inform interested. My second effort [ 5’x 15′] would now no longer of been,loads of it begins with you and all these others who make a contribution you would furthermore possess all contributed. I acquired my engineering trade, 6 years 3 months with the N S W Govt Railways, STEAM it is a section of me.It is possible you’ll maybe furthermore possess been my oasis.


“i trip your weblog al as i internet it very moving to boot as academic in constructing mannequin layouts . i’m in the starting stages of both a n scale and z scale layouts which is piquant to be moderately detailed and care for up for sharing my photos and progress with you and your followers . the z scale will in all probability be a south-eastern united states mannequin and the n scale i’m looking to make the broad apple railroad theme which is the greatest commuter railroad in america . as i originate , i will send photos of the progress . thank you in your weblog , care for up for extra pointers and tricks.


“Hi there Al. My name is Paul Hennessey from Bradenton Florida. You now no longer easiest present loads of leisure however, furthermore loads of recordsdata that I genuinely possess used to acquire my lay-out. I genuinely possess used the tips that some posts present and possess used them with some gargantuan outcomes. I inherited my lay-out from my Father and Im passing it on to my grandkids. When I regain the skill to make photo macros, I intend to send you some photographs to thank you and your entire contributors for all you would furthermore possess completed and soundless make. Each mailing reveals me something new. Sustain up the correct work…thanx for all you make.


“Basically the most productive liability I genuinely possess recognized to this level is this: after visiting your internet space with all its recordsdata and inspiration that it presents I genuinely feel like a blind dog in a meat store.
With out a doubt I thank you for doing what you make Al.

Ken, USA”

“Your weblog has been nothing decrease than basically the most productive! I genuinely possess learned so many tricks and cost saving short cuts to putting in place my 5 discover O Gauge layout thru the years. I care for up for seeing your member’s layouts and place loads of them. I’m contented you requested for our responses because I mediate you would furthermore possess touched the hearts and lives of many americans “Mammoth Kids” who internet peace in the time we use with our trains. I do know I make. I’m 63. Also can merely God bless you!


“Hi there Alastair
I genuinely possess been a gradual fan for a chain of years and possess attempted so as to add loads of pointers as they befell to me. Even though most of your submissions are from HO americans you would furthermore possess absolutely given me many solutions. I genuinely possess been lifeless to submit photos of my work however there are sections that I’m particular about a of your N gauge fans would possibly furthermore like. I love the sugestions that your ahead where an individual has made something moderately practical out of odds and ends and objects that one would by no approach suspect would possess a use on a mannequin railroad. Mine is a club sized layout and I genuinely possess loads of guests that attend out as soon as per week. It would possibly maybe now no longer be executed in my lifestyles time nonetheless it is the inch that is fun. Please proceed your weblog it helps preserve me going.

One amongst your fans



I care for up for seeing a new put up from you for the rationale that pointers, solutions, and especially the accomplishments of fellow molders is repeatedly an inspiration and build of satisfies my lack of purpose for my possess layout. I trip constructing models, scratch-constructing buildings and the like, however I make now no longer possess purpose sufficient to genuinely build a eternal layout entire with scenery, railroad operations, and the skill to go extra than one trains as I desire I would possibly furthermore. Seeing what others are doing keeps my interest and build of jacks me up to preserve me doing what mannequin railroading I’m in a position to.

I make setup a couple of HO trains, plus an N scale and a Lionel inform in each place in the putrid of my “Prepare-Theme” decorated Christmas tree yearly and it on the total goes up in November and stays spherical till the center of January. My Grandkids like it, as make I.

I ticket it’s loads of work, however serve the gargantuan work, it’s appreciated by mannequin railroaders of all phases and stages… like me!



Your space is a wealth of recordsdata about our inform ardour. Please serve the gargantuan work. It is possible you’ll maybe furthermore be genuinely an inspiration to our ardour.
Thanks powerful



I make now no longer know the arrangement I discovered your space however I’m so contented I did. I’m an “amateur” n scale modeler however I discover it irresistible. I make obtain inspired by your posts, the photos, the tips, and the videos. I genuinely possess acquired some gargantuan solutions and I care for up in your emails. I became as soon as even fortunate sufficient so that you can put up photos of my Worcester Union Space. I genuinely possess to confess, I became as soon as proud I made it on your space.

So, serve the gargantuan work and thanks for all you make.


“Hi there Al. My name is Keith I’m a Brit living in Ontario I wait impatiently in your emails. Even though I’ve been modelling since childhood and thought that I knew the total lot ,well what make someone comes up with a new notion ,and it blows me away the quantity of correct recordsdata that is discovered on your internet space. It is possible you’ll maybe furthermore possess modellers from in each place in the field your space and furthermore giving correct recommendation and pointers.

It is possible you’ll maybe furthermore be doing an stunning job so please serve with the correct work. If it hadn’t been in your space I must no longer possess taken the Yorkshire moors tour. I watched harmful Dave’s video when he went and even supposing I’m British I had by no approach been to Yorkshire. Disgrace on me I do know. So thank you Al and your entire assorted modellers with their hints pointers and videos.


“hi Al i’m from London Canada and getting assist into the fervour. the pointers are nice and most are things i must no longer possess considered. preserve the correct work
coming. here is basically the most productive of any blogs i possess been with.

with gratitude.


“Hi there Al

That is my first Email to you. I genuinely possess constructed about a layouts in my time and now I’m constructing a lay out that i am hoping will out make the Germans masking a total purpose of as a minimum 40 yes that is correct forty acres in boom they are saying I genuinely possess my work cutout for me and your entire models will in all probability be constructed on my possess and about a guests it will consist of an airfield / navy putrid and a Army putrid with names like ( purpose 69 fire groom lake ) all must be constructed however the correct ingredient is that I now no longer possess to work however I desire to work on this challenge with you attend and the attend of others that possess despatched their initiatives so others can discover them so the first thanks goes to you and the gargantuan team of scale modelers in each place in the field thank you in your input it has attend me figure many things out formula a head of time which I’m grateful for and a assorted attributable to you for getting this space up and running.BR>
Your Honest appropriate friend


“Al, I’m 60 however genuinely feel like a kid again when my grandsons and I work on our layout. Now we possess changed it many conditions from your posts assorted links. Thanks


” Al,
Your weblog is basically the most productive and I trip so powerful the photos and pointers from in each place in the field.
It is so nice to create contact with others who like trains as powerful as I.
This 12 months makes 55years!

Some of my trains were given to me by my fogeys.

Thanks for all you make………..

Ed, USA”


I place your total posts and kind in assorted catalogs to reference.
I marvel at everyones models and purpose-ups.. I gaze time and again
again the videos and obtain transported assist in time to the sights/sounds
of yester years.. Infrequently the videos made me genuinely feel like I’m
living correct there in the second!!! So realistic!

Thank-You so powerful for providing such an prominent carrier.
I make now no longer weblog, belong to or make a contribution to any assorted space or internet tool..
so Please genuinely feel how powerful I genuinely make like and like receiving your blogs..

Staunch Thank-You!

Dave A”

“Alastair: Im a 63 12 months dilapidated toy inform guy and I trip your posts and the layouts depicted, in particular the grade by grade construction progress photographs. The lifeless John Allen is credited with saying planning a mannequin railroad is a ardour itself, and I mediate it. I in particular like photos where the trackplan will in all probability be ascertained, as guys like me are on a lifelong quest for the very ultimate trackplan, that has loads of sidings to show cowl running accessories, and as a minimum 2 loops for concurrent continious running.

One amongst the greatest messages your space sends is that I’m constructing it and even supposing Ive now no longer completed it ahead of powerful, it looks moderately darn correct. I on the total ahead your portion to scale mannequin railroaders that I do know who’re true breaking floor on their layouts.


“Appropriate Day Al from Canada,

Thx in your be aware and pls preserve in thoughts this a substantial THANK YOU from someone who’s getting assist into HO/HOn3 after a 10 12 months hiatus.

I care for up in your notes day to day and it’s now no longer foremost what the discipline I on the total internet some things both “to make” and true as foremost “now no longer to make”. All these things are precious and in some circumstances they’ve genuinely helped me care for what’s de facto foremost for my layout (construction to originate quickly after basement renos accomplished).

So please make preserve your notes coming — you are providing a gargantuan carrier to the fervour which is so foremost now that the native ardour store and inform be aware has almost disappeared from the landscape.

In the end — a assorted be aware to “Dave”. Fastest modeller on 2 feet I genuinely possess ever seen. Aesthetic gargantuan to behold these perfect-trying trying British models rolling — even for a US prototype modeller like myself.

So thanks again Al

Simplest to you, Douglas in Toronto”

“Thanks Al, the pointers and solutions discovered are repeatedly interesting and in some circumstances possess given me some new solutions. Seldom is there easiest one formula things will in all probability be completed and your internet pages permits me to behold how others approach the fervour and conditions that sever up. Sustain up the GREAT work and your entire easiest to all in our ardour from Chuck in Tallahassee, Florida!”

“Hi there Al

Many thanks in your hints pointers photos and videos which possess inspired and helped me to approach assist to a ardour I gave up after I took off to sea in the Fifties.
Nothing as substantial as your subscribers, nonetheless it presents me something to pass the time away. I true trip learning your weblog.

I inform the accomplice Im constructing it for the grandkids however I create now no longer judge she believes me!!!!

Thanks again.


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