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“How to Originate a Shipping Container Home Without affirm, Cheaply and in Ravishing Days”

Follow my Straightforward Step-By-Step Plans to Study How…

Pricey Just correct friend,

At the same time as you’re researching the strategy to manufacture a birth container home then this may perhaps occasionally perhaps well be surely one of essentially the most involving messages you ever be taught.

Because of within the subsequent 3 minutes I’m going to repeat you the strategy to manufacture your dream home for a piece of the price of trying to search out a archaic dwelling.

And the strategy to steer clear of your entire mistakes of builders which bag near sooner than you.

Howdy, my title is Adam Ketcher.

I’ve personally built 146 birth container properties for my purchasers.

And I’ve skilled compatible about every constructing affirm possible.

After years of mastering this queer change, I’d bag to personally disclose you the entire lot – and I mean the entire lot – you bag got to understand to manufacture your birth container home TODAY.

So it’s possible you’ll perhaps also place boatloads of time and money.

And so that it’s possible you’ll perhaps also give yourself and your family a precise & ideal home they’ll be proud to call their possess!

My memoir may perhaps perhaps even be same to yours…

I was sick and tired of paying my landlord’s mortgage.

And I wasn’t about to pay a contractor thousands of bucks to manufacture me a dwelling.

I heard about birth container properties from a buddy.

And per week later I was ordering three 40-foot birth containers from a vendor in a neighboring metropolis.

“I’ve obtained this,” I belief.

“I’m a talented attain-it-yourselfer, so this may perhaps occasionally perhaps well be easy!”

Boy, used to be I imperfect!

I made mistake after mistake… blunder after blunder… and the the project ended up costing greater than if I employed a contractor to manufacture me a mansion!

Over the years I’ve realized heaps of classes.

“But an crucial lesson is to get individuals – a qualified individuals – to e book you for your attain-it-yourself project.”


At the same time as you’ll allow me, I’m here to be YOUR e book for your crucial jog.

I’m here to show you the entire lot you bag got to manufacture your dwelling with zero hiccups.

…so that it’s possible you’ll perhaps also originate your manufacture this day and undoubtedly feel assured within the intention.

…and so that it’s possible you’ll perhaps also manufacture definite your family’s security and security for years to return.

I’ve place the entire lot I do know correct into a program called:

Shipping Container Home Made Easy™

The Final How-To Manual to Constructing a Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Home Made Easy™

This program is the outcomes of my 18 years of constructing birth container properties.

If it must occur… I’ve considered it.

If it must scurry imperfect… it’s long past imperfect on me!

But this day, I’m belief of surely one of the most world’s main authorities on birth container home construction.

In actuality, I’ve acted as a advisor for companies that will most certainly be belief of my competitors!

So here’s my unbreakable promise to you:

At the same time as you invest on this program this day, you’ll bag the flexibility to manufacture your possess birth container home…

You’ll manufacture it without complications, mistakes, or nerve-racking delays…

And you’ll attain it for a piece of what it can perhaps well robotically price you if you didn’t bag me as your e book…


Here Are Some of The Secrets and solutions You’ll Behold When You Make investments in “Shipping Container Home Made Easy™” At the present time…

  • Where to search out a surplus of heed novel birth containers the effect owners will elevate compatible about anything to get them off their hands – in most cases even giving them to you for free or PAYING YOU to raise them.
  • You shouldn’t pay greater than this essential for your containers. If anyone is trying to gouge you for greater than this number, then peep in diverse areas!
  • The absolute best mistake novel owners manufacture when constructing their home. And the strategy to steer clear of it to sidestep years of possible complications and tens of thousands of bucks.
  • How to search out birth containers for your rapid space while dodging the dear transportation prices of distant suppliers. And the strategy to negotiate to get them for the lowest label possible.
  • My confirmed design to manufacture your possess home to resist nearly any pure catastrophe – along with earthquakes and hurricanes – making container properties surely one of the most get housing alternatives available.
  • My fiercely guarded secret to get high of the variety containers for pennies on the greenback.
  • The error 95% of individuals manufacture when buying their birth containers. And the easy intention to circumvent it to place you from pointless charges.
  • My precise, step-by-step job for constructing your possess home while avoiding nightmare mistakes and wasted money on wrong choices.


“Howdy Adam, I compatible obtained performed with the ending touches on my dwelling (search pic)! I went with the side by side 40 foot make and I leaned heavily for your advice and concepts. I’d were strolling at dull night were it now not for this program! I compatible are searching to ship you a steady veil of thanks. At the same time as you’re ever within the tri insist space give me a buzz. Amy and I’d love to bag you ever over for dinner! Thanks once more!”

David Ristfold, 35, Camden, PA

Yellow Dots


“I am overjoyed I equipped this e book. It used to be as correct as having a educated at my side serving to me purchase every miniature fragment of my home. I strongly point out this e book to anyone who’s pondering constructing a container home”

Brian Kay, 29, Loughborough, UK

When You’re Performed With This Program You’ll Know Extra Than Most Official Home Builders!

  • You’ll also look for ways to attain a manufacture that can even simply now not only bag you within the golf green, but oftentimes leave extra money for your pocket than you before the entire lot planned for!
  • How to get crucial aspects for your possess home ABSOLUTELY FREE. And how doing so will shave up to 30% off the total invoice of your manufacture.
  • The one site NOT to gash encourage corners for your project. And how investing in this will place you 5 steps before most attain-it-yourselfers who are trying to place money within the imperfect areas.
  • Why the distance of your manufacture influences the price essentially the most. And the strategy to elude extraneous prices by constructing in zoning pockets the authorities don’t want you to understand about.
  • The 5 crucial issues it’s miles crucial to raise into story when picking to manufacture your possess home yourself … hiring a contractor to attain it for you… or a mix of the 2.
  • How to manufacture a heat reflecting roof that abnormal properties simply can’t compete with. And how this can place you a stack of cash in cooling prices internal the first few years of exhaust!
  • The 4 issues it’s miles crucial to peep for in a contractor if you design to hiring one to manufacture your container home. And why here is so essential, it on my own is price greater than 10x times the price of this program.
  • Essentially the most economical load bearing effect up for your container home. And why constructing your possess home this fashion will gash encourage the price of your project by 30%.


“I accessed this system so persistently right by strategy of my manufacture so I saved it on my desktop. I especially just like the chapter about floorplans. My major other and I poured over these for months sooner than deciding on our layout. We bag our dream home and we owe you a sizable thanks for serving to us get there. Extremely suggested!”

Ed Rowe, 43, Belmont, NH

Yellow Dots


“I equipped this system to overview sooner than I equipped an already built container home because I desired to understand your entire issues to peep out for and its an understatement to converse that it overdelivered. It’s sure Mr. Adams place his heart and soul into this and I point out it to anyone who desires to manufacture a container home or is having a peep to raise one already built.”

Anthony Lacy, 38, Denver, CO

I Left Nothing to Probability! This Program Will Give You All the pieces You Ought to Originate a Seamless Shipping Container Home


  • The 7 issues it’s miles crucial to peep for when deciding on a container. In addition to 3 insider tips of the professionals to hiss if a birth container is price your exhausting-earned money.
  • Whether or now not it’s possible you’ll perhaps also elevate novel or weak containers. And the single major part it’s miles crucial to attain when pulling the effect off for your elevate.
  • The form of metal to peep for for your containers. Making your possess home now not only sturdy, but also eco-succesful.
  • The gap for your possess home the effect it’s miles crucial to spray an meander of ‘closed cell’ polyurethane foam. And why doing so will each and every exponentially manufacture bigger the longevity of your novel home by no lower than 10 years AND place you heaps of of bucks for your heating and cooling invoice.
  • How to manufacture definite the structural integrity of your containers if you effect in doorways and home windows. And how this addition will manufacture your containers stronger than their fashioned make.
  • The explicit extra or much less roof that is now not only low repairs, but that can wear beautifully over time and final longer than some other extra or much less roof within the industrial.
  • Why it’s possible you’ll perhaps also elevate the identical heed of containers. And how doing so can pay features within the lengthy bustle for your project.
  • The “dull accumulation affect.” And the strategy to prevent it from creeping in and decimating your manufacture over time.
  • How to manufacture your possess home thermally efficient with dispute manufacture passive solar heating. And why this design will virtually set apart away with all heating prices while keeping your possess home at a fixed temperature (even within the winter).


“After coping with the nightmare of trying to search out our final home only to sell it at a lack of $30k I needed one thing cheap and BIG sufficient for my 5 member Family. We stay in a double decker SC home now and everybody constantly asks us how we did it. This is by some distance the precise book to repeat you the strategy to get your customized SC home too.”

Jason Dormer, 47, Cle Elum, WA

Yellow Dots


“At the same time as you’re pondering constructing your possess birth container home then you definately would may perhaps perhaps also simply light be nuts now to not get this book. Adam is on the high of his change, and he aspects with all his records on this book. You are going to steer clear of 1,000,000 mistakes with this book at your side. Recount me, the limited funding can pay off sizable time! It did for me.”

Ken Funakoshi, 43, Aina Haina, HI

Let Me Exhibit You All My Secrets and solutions to Accumulate Land & Permits While Sidestepping The Nightmare of Red Tape… Paperwork… and Complications Precipitated By Local Authorities

  • The one essential query it’s miles crucial to query the planning authorities when having a peep at land for your manufacture. And how their respond will will let you place whether or now not or now not a neighborhood of land is only for you.
  • How to position collectively a solid case for your container home. And why a miniature of leg work sooner than the utility job will manufacture definite you a YES if you query to manufacture your possess home for your dream space.
  • My secret intention to search out land at gash payment basement prices. At the same time as you hear this one you’ll be heading out the door sooner than you even attain slapping your forehead.
  • The absolute best intention to put up your permits to native authorities so your possess home is accredited within the shortest time possible.
  • The one part it’s miles crucial to attain BEFORE your containers nearly about your land. And why getting prepared this sooner than rather then after is now not going to only place you a mint of cash, but place your encourage from pointless labor.
  • The crafty intention to exhaust landscaping to your possess home’s unfair advantage. Saving you thousands on insulation prices and labor.
  • Why it’s possible you’ll perhaps also simply light make your container home sooner than you shop for land. And the strategy to steer clear of land codes that are adverse in opposition to novel home owners like you.
  • My devious intention to “manufacture correct” with zoning authorities to circumvent months of complications and frustrating delays. Belief me, you’re going to are searching to understand this one!
  • Why your container home isn’t sure to a definite space or zip code. So may perhaps perhaps also simply light you ever need to, it’s possible you’ll perhaps also “transfer your dwelling” to any novel space you search fit.


“Two months after trying to search out this path we were prepared to transfer into our possess birth container dwelling and it used to be the entire lot we hoped for. It used to be essential more inexpensive than we expected, and in my notion it’s greater in so many ways, too. I strongly point out Adam’s path if you’re having a peep to raise the plunge yourself.”

Mike Teunissen, 42, Globe, AZ

I’m also Going to Educate You How to Originate Your Container Home. This is The Funnest Segment of the Originate! And I’m Going to Pull Aid The Curtain to Give You TONS of Pleasant Tips For Your Mission!

  • You’ll get a myriad of possible ground plans for your novel container home. Integrated are essentially the most widely weak designs, but I’ve also integrated my most well-favored “personal plans” I guarantee no other program will supply you.
  • How to manufacture your container home to scurry away room for enhance – adding extra containers when wished – and only limited by your creativity and creativeness.
  • The form of paint once weak by NASA that it’s possible you’ll perhaps also simply light exhaust for the exterior of your possess home. And why this particular paint is PERFECT for container housing.
  • How to arrange your possess home make to supply you a lot of parking and not using a need to manufacture a garage and and not using a need to make a separate carport.
  • The actual form of containers that allow for extra head room. And the strategy to search out them at end to identical pricing because the stuffy, 8 foot colossal variations.
  • How to search out the precise age of a container – no subject what the dealer tells you.
  • How to manufacture a birth container site of labor. And how designing for site of labor desires is diverse than designing for residing areas.
  • Why a container that light has its fashioned wood ground is a BAD SIGN. And which ground you’d like as a alternative to be certain a soft internal manufacture.
  • The 4 styles of foundations it’s possible you’ll perhaps also exhaust for your possess home. And the strategy to purchase the single 1 for your particular land & layout requirements.

“I manufacture and sell container properties for a residing. I’ve employed Adam on extra than one events as a advisor. His depth of records is only unmatched within the industrial and his program will repeat you your entire steps you bag got to raise to manufacture a container home yourself. But greater than that, he’ll repeat you your entire issues to steer clear of (and have confidence me, there are many issues to steer clear of!)”

Gary Case, 54, Huntington Seaside, Ca

So I even need to query…

How essential would or now not it’s price to steer clear of the mountain of boundaries waiting for you if you manufacture your birth container home?



The truth is, individuals compatible like it’s possible you’ll perhaps even be losing tens of thousands of bucks in most cases mistakes when constructing their container properties without steering.

Needless to converse, this may perhaps occasionally perhaps also simply flip correct into a VERY dear project.

So the neatest part it’s possible you’ll perhaps also attain is get an knowledgeable for your side simply from the originate.

Since I’m that knowledgeable – and since I admire serving to attain-it-yourselfers like you – I’m going to manufacture you a limited time particular promotional supply.

Having a advisor e book you by strategy of this job would require an funding of no lower than $5,000 (and that can light only get you a piece of what’s integrated on this program).

Effectively don’t apprehension, because I’m now not going to query you to exhaust anything like that extra or much less money!

So for a limited time only, I’m making Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ available for only…

NOTE: Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ is a digital product. You are going to receive get entry to to

the total design in an instant after you hiss – even though it’s 2am!

A tiny amount.

Particularly if you elevate into story you’re getting ME for your team (that’s over 18 years of change secrets)!

And successfully price it if you elevate into story your entire dear mistakes you’re about to steer clear of!

EVERYTHING you bag got to manufacture your possess birth container home is only here on this program.

But it’s possible you’ll perhaps need to act NOW.

The following time you nearly about this web page it’s possible this will most certainly be dearer.

Doubtlessly up to 3X as dear.

To be able to precise your replica simply now…

And You’ll Also Accumulate a 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Ravishing to manufacture this the absolute best decision you ever made, I’m going to incorporate a 60 day, no questions asked, a reimbursement guarantee.

That intention if you don’t completely love this program…

And if you don’t ship me an mad email with photos of your ideal novel home…

Then I don’t want your money.

I’ll refund your plump elevate label.

So here’s the tidy intention to attain it…

Don’t purchase now.

Accumulate this system… battle by strategy of it at your possess creep… and purchase later if it used to be price your funding.

At the same time as you elevate that intention that makes this a entire no-brainer, wouldn’t you resolve?

“To Additional Sweeten The Pot, I’m Also Throwing in Some Edifying


BONUS #1: Shipping Container Homesteading – $67 (YOURS FREE!)
Shipping Container Homesteading

First, you’ll get surely one of my most sought after program “Shipping Container Homesteading.”

As a attain-it-yourselfer you clearly price self-reliance.

And surely one of the most precise ways to depend on yourself is to develop your possess meals … develop your possess animals for meat … and retain your harvest for future security.

No longer only does it manufacture definite you organic, wholesome meals, but since grocery stores are constantly the first part to scurry in a catastrophe, you’ll manufacture definite your survival for all likely tragedies.

All the pieces you bag got to thrive is at your fingertips in “Shipping Container Homesteading,” my absolute best-selling homesteading e book that I in most cases sell to my purchasers for $67.

But I’m going to incorporate it along with your hiss Fully FREE

BONUS #2: Shipping Container Negotiation Secrets and solutions: $47 (YOURS FREE!)
How to Negotiate for Your Shipping Containers

Nothing is extra healthy than getting a ridiculously correct deal for your birth containers.

It’s a form of issues that swells your chest with delight, and likewise it’s possible you’ll perhaps also’t encourage but elevate it up when individuals check along with your possess home.

In this at hand e book, you’ll look for:

  • Which size containers are absolute best for your manufacture requirements
  • What certifications to peep for for your containers
  • The explicit intention to search out sellers for your space
  • Cunning ways to get the price down for your elevate
  • How to negotiate supply
  • How to arrange your lot for plunge off
  • Where to search out free containers and/or individuals that can pay you to raise containers off their hands
  • And plenty extra…

This program retails for $47, but it completely’s YOURS FREE along with your elevate this day.

BONUS #3: Living Off-The-Grid: $47 (YOURS FREE!)
Living Off-The-Grid

In this gem of a program you’ll be taught the step-by-step solutions for making your possess electricity.

You’ll be taught the precise alternatives in relation to solar, wind, and micro-hydro skills.

There may perhaps be heaps of records on the online, but here is the single program that exhibits you the strategy to manufacture your possess electricity within the scope of container home residing – focusing on price effectiveness and some advantageous advantages of a birth container-based electrical design.

This program is equipped for $47, but it completely’s YOURS FREE this day!

BONUS #4: Getting prepared for the Coming Give procedure: $47 (YOURS FREE!)
Getting prepared for the Coming Give procedure

Let’s face it, fragment of the motive we like birth container properties is because they’re expedient for grid-down scenarios.

And individuals compatible like you bag got near up with a diversity of colourful prepare their containers properties for the arriving crumple.

Treasure they squawk…It’s greater to bag and now not want, than want and now not bag.

With this book at your side, you’ll place yourself within the precise site possible to manufacture definite the survival of you and your family.

Retail label is $47. YOURS FREE this day.

BONUS #5: Lifetime Updates Guarantee: $47/Update (YOURS FREE!)
Lifetime Updates Guarantee

I’m constantly having a peep to bolster The Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ program, because I are searching to be definite you get the precise possible outcomes each and every now, and in some unspecified time in the future too.

So after I replace the design and add novel solutions that I’ve stumbled on, it’s possible you’ll perhaps be the first to understand! In actuality, I will ship you the novel, up to this point edition straight to your inbox, completely free!

BONUS #6: Customer Pork up By Creator: $120/Hour (YOURS FREE!)
Customer Pork up By Adam

Within the waste, you’re going to get what’s perhaps essentially the most treasured bonus for this program – UNLIMITED SUPPORT by me, Adam Ketchner!

That intention it’s possible you’ll perhaps also inquire from me questions … take my brain … and make contact with on me right by strategy of your manufacture.

You’ll bag ME for your encourage pocket. And that extra or much less enhance is mostly phenomenal on this space!

“So Let’s Evaluate What You Accumulate by Ordering Now…”

  • My Program “Shipping Container Home Made Easy™” will supply you my step-by-step manufacture your birth container home within the fastest, most cheap intention possible.

    Retail label $67


  • “Shipping Container Homesteading” will repeat you the strategy to flip your container home project correct into a homestead the effect it’s possible you’ll perhaps also successfully stay off the elephantine of the land.

    Retail label $67


  • My program “Shipping Container Negotiation Secrets and solutions” that can even simply unveil your entire secrets to now not only get your birth containers for a piece of retail, but also the effect to search out free containers and folks that can pay you to raise them off their hands.

    Retail label $47


  • “Living Off-The-Grid” will repeat you the step-by-step solutions for making your possess electricity with solar, wind and micro-hydro skills.

    Retail label $47


  • “Getting prepared for the Coming Give procedure” will present an explanation for how other attain-it-yourselfers bag leveraged their container home project correct into a malicious program out space for essentially the most daunting worst case eventualities possible.

    Retail label $47


  • “Guaranteed Lifetime Updates”

    Retail label $47 (per Update)


  • “Unlimited Pork up” by the creator, Adam Ketchner.

    Retail label $120 (per Hour)


NOTE: Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ is a digital product. You are going to receive get entry to to

the total design in an instant after you hiss – even though it’s 2am!

Howdy, Are You Soundless Here?

Perhaps that’s because you’re light on the fence about “Shipping Container Home Made Easy™”

If that’s the case, let’s overview your alternatives, shall we?

doubtfulOPTION #1:
Take care of on along with your new residing affirm.

Analysis on the perimeters of this leap forward home constructing evolution and constantly wonder if this program used to be the precise part you wished to get your possess customized home at an inconceivable label.

energyOPTION #2: Strive to attain it yourself.

Mimic the years of analysis … blood … sweat … and tears I place into this program … spoil thousands of bucks in costly mistakes … and perhaps you discontinue up along with your possess birth container home.

OPTION #3: Or it’s possible you’ll perhaps also elevate the Tidy, Very best and FASTEST OPTION!

The ONLY possibility.

And get essentially the most dispute route to your birth container home.

BE EXCITED that you in deciding to invest for your future.

And be proud that you’re taking a main step closer to the house of your dreams!

You’ve be taught this some distance into this letter for a motive.

There’s a sense internal you that KNOWS your possess home is compatible on the opposite side of announcing YES this day.

And remember…

You will also simply bag completely nothing to lose!

At the same time as you don’t LOVE this program, compatible ship me a 5 2d email and I’ll refund every penny of your money.

That intention it’s possible you’ll perhaps also look for ALL my secrets with completely ZERO likelihood.

So both you bag… otherwise you bag.

Somewhat correct odds, simply?

THAT’S how essential I KNOW “Shipping Container Home Made Easy™” goes to manufacture your eyes pop with its abundance of treasured secrets.

The sooner you originate the sooner you’ll get your dream home.

So don’t wait one 2d longer.

Ravishing click the “Add To Cart” button under and collectively let’s formally kick off your container home project!

NOTE: Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ is a digital product. You are going to receive get entry to to

the total design in an instant after you hiss – even though it’s 2am!

P.S. Be aware, here is the single program on the market written by the world’s #1 authority on birth container properties. It accommodates ALL MY SECRETS from my 18 years within the industrial and 146 successful initiatives. This may perhaps perhaps also simply supply you the entire lot you bag got to manufacture your birth container home within the quickest … very best … most price advantageous intention possible!

P.P.S. Please believe in tips that the price of Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ is amazingly low, and has been intentionally saved low. Nonetheless, I will be able to not guarantee that the price will live this low on a everlasting foundation. So if you near encourage the next day and the price has changed to $67 or extra, you bag got been warned!

P.P.P.S. Being sceptical is pure, but I’ve made sure that there is completely no likelihood to you! At the same time as you hiss Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ it’s possible you’ll perhaps even be fully protected by a rock-stable 60-day money-encourage guarantee.

You likelihood completely NOTHING!

“Shipping Container Home Made Easy™” Now >

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