Trucking Made Easy: The Full E-series

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Trucking Made Easy

The Full Truck Driving Success Equipment!

Turn out to be a Successful Truck Driver…With out the Years-Prolonged Studying Curve

(Are you a present trucker having difficulties? It be no longer too slack to salvage the success you DESERVE!)

You’ve likely heard every body amongst these claims about Trucking:

  • MAKE GREAT MONEY! ($30-60K + your 1st twelve months)

  • SEE THE WORLD! (Smartly, much of The US anyway)

  • BE YOUR OWN BOSS! (Or as a minimum no longer dangle one having a witness over your shoulder)

Yeah, these items if truth be told CAN happen.

Nonetheless finest IF a LOT of issues experience easily:

IF you know exactly what it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably also be entering into before getting started

(Having a right working out of the wide world of trucking is a need to before running headlong into it!)

IF you intention shut out a excessive-fine truck riding college and CDL practicing

(There are actually THOUSANDS of truck riding colleges and they’re positively NOT all excessive-fine!)

IF you witness a trucking firm to pressure for that matches your imaginative and prescient and targets

(Superior and Salvage. Fair dialog. Sexy routes, pay, advantages, etc. Discovering a firm love right here’s NO easy job!)

IF you proceed to be taught trucking and beef up as a truck driver as you make experience

(The practicing isn’t accomplished perfect because you accomplished college or did your time with a driver-trainer.)

Because it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably watch, there are heaps of IFs on the depart to trucking success.

That’s why Trucking Made Easy used to be created… To files you each step of the diagram on that route.

The E-Sequence for Beginning Truck Drivers

Turning proper into a Trucker will launch your trucking training. Right here’s a 3 book series helping to files you thru the starting up keep apart stages of your trucking droop and used to be written with every future or starting up keep apart truck driver in mind.


There’s loads it is predominant to know about trucking whereas you’re even pondering about entering a truly provocative and anxious occupation.

  • The School of Keen Knocks (or how NOT to salvage started!)
  • Why May presumably per chance peaceful You Even Shield in mind Trucking as a Occupation?
  • Determining How Some distance You Would actually like to Drive
  • May presumably per chance peaceful You be a Firm Driver or an Proprietor-Operator?
  • Exploring the Assorted Kinds of Trucking Operations
  • How Will You Salvage Paid and How Powerful Can You Indubitably Hold?
  • Making the Decision. Is Trucking the Occupation for You?

I’ll get you step-by-step thru the entirety it is predominant to be taught and put in power to salvage started in trucking and to construct determined prolonged-timeframe success.

See your complete huge issues about trucking and why it can per chance presumably also merely be the occupation for you!

  • Job safety. There’s for the time being a wide search files from for new truck drivers.
  • A trucker’s earnings, and monetary destiny, is of their very dangle arms.
  • See the country, experience adventure, and face ongoing challenges.
  • Be your dangle boss – you experience freedoms and tasks no longer video show in other jobs.
  • There are virtually unlimited opportunities and choices available!

Truckers dangle many riding alternatives to exhaust from and choices to construct

There are assorted forms of trucking as successfully as assorted strategies to pressure. We’ll be having a witness at about a of these including…

  • Dwell it is predominant to experience it alone or with a accomplice? A witness at solo and crew riding.
  • How some distance salvage it is predominant to pressure? Exploring the alternatives of riding OTR (over-the-boulevard), domestically, or within the neighborhood.
  • Are you able to get your family and/or pets on the boulevard with you?

How Will You Salvage Paid and How Powerful Can You Indubitably Hold?

  • What quantity of money will you construct presently following truck riding college?
  • Coaching with a driver-trainer till you’re in a position to experience it alone.
  • Examining pay in accordance to stage of experience, pay by the mile, pay by percentage, by the load, by the hour, etc.

There are heaps of forms of merchandise to haul. We’ll witness at the more than just a few forms of trucking operations

The final following are discussed:

  • Van
  • Reefer (refrigerated – break, meat, beer, etc.)
  • Flatbed and specialised trucking (heavy haul, oversize, etc.)
  • Tankers – liquid bulk (gasoline, oil, dairy, etc.)
  • Dry bulk operations
  • Household transferring
  • Multiple trailers (doubles, triples, etc.)
  • Livestock (chickens, cattle, etc.)
  • Intermodal (containers)
  • Automobile haulers
  • Wood and forestry merchandise
  • And heaps extra!

Extra  files for new drivers

  • A transient history of trucking.
  • Functional trucking terminology and definitions.
  • CB Radio 10-Codes and terminology.

Serving to you construct the resolution to change into a trucker

  • Strive no longer to salvage too satisfied. The stipulations are continually altering in trucking.
  • Taking a witness at the different tasks of a trucker… the truck, the load, communicating with dispatchers and the firm, the shoppers, the legislation, and everybody else accessible on the boulevard!
  • Trucking firm insurance policies which would possibly per chance presumably also be infrequently…sophisticated.
  • The subject about getting dwelling. Home and family time, the challenges it items, and strategies to take care of all of it.

Getting Your CDL & Truck Driver Coaching

So, you’ve determined that trucking is the occupation for you. Huge! Now it’s time to salvage started down that route.

There are two main sections in Book 2: 

Getting Your CDL

Are you uncommon about getting your CDL nevertheless no longer determined exactly strategies to experience about it? Now no longer even determined what a CDL is? Whether this describes you otherwise you’re already accustomed to trucking and perfect want a shrimp abet getting started, you’re within the coolest space!

Trucking offers you a wide gamble to construct huge money interior your first twelve months of riding! That’s IF you salvage the coolest files, steering, and practicing. And whereas you wanna be a trucker, you gotta dangle a CDL. Easy and straight forward. The right news is that it’s no longer if truth be told that sophisticated… IF you get the coolest steps.

In this piece, you’ll receive your complete files and sources about the CDL you’ll need to salvage started on a a hit truck riding occupation.

Truck Driver Coaching

Whether you’ve made the resolution to search out a truck riding college and salvage on the boulevard to a occupation as a truck driver, otherwise you’re peaceful perfect uncommon about how truck riding colleges feature, this piece will abet you to be taught extra about truck riding colleges so that it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably construct extra knowledgeable choices, and dangle a greater probability at a a hit truck riding occupation.

Getting Your CDL & Truck Driver Coaching will abet you to salvage there!

Getting Your CDL

  • What is a CDL and why salvage you will need one?
  • See strategies to salvage a CDL, step-by-step.
  • CDL guidelines and the necessities to change into a trucker. Entails federal and speak CDL requirements.
  • Records about CDL endorsements and which ones you will need.
  • CDL testing files. Be taught which speak assessments it is predominant to cross and exactly strategies to cross them without never-ending hours learning the speak CDL manual!

Truck Driving Colleges: Getting Educated

It’s vitally vital to your success that you don’t salvage taken in by the nasty college. CDL mills and unqualified colleges are in every single place for the time being. We’ll indicate you strategies to exhaust the RIGHT college to your subject.

  • The truth about truck riding colleges: Examining truck riding colleges’ claims, including free and warranted practicing, tuition compensation, and further.
  • Free or paid practicing, guaranteed employment, CDL mills, tuition compensation, and strategies to exhaust reckoning to your instances.
  • Be taught about the assorted forms of colleges: non-public, public, and in-dwelling / firm-backed truck riding colleges.
  • See strategies to exhaust a excessive-fine truck riding college: What are the necessities?
  • Is attending truck riding college predominant? 
  • Records about truck driver practicing for veterans of the US Armed Forces.
  • How prolonged will practicing get and the diagram much money is required?
  • Truck Driving Colleges Can Be Costly! How Dwell I Salvage the Money?
  • receive a excessive-fine college on your speak.

Beginning Your Recent Truck Driving Occupation

You’ve got your CDL and performed your truck driver practicing. Congratulations on a job successfully performed! The following step is finding the perfect riding job.

Except you wait on firm-backed practicing (miniature print in Book 2), you’ll need to plow thru a protocol to search out and, extra importantly, compare ability trucking firms. 

Picking the nasty firm might possibly presumably also leave you unhappy, no longer making ample money, never getting dwelling time…even presumably deciding to leave trucking altogether. That’s no longer the aim!

In case you reflect the coolest job, you shall be there a truly prolonged time, riding the diagram you need, and making huge money!

After deciding on, and getting hired by, a trucking firm, it’s time to salvage started! 

I’ll say about what it is predominant to salvage while you salvage hired by the firm, arriving at the firm headquarters and/or terminal, attending your driver orientation, on-the-job practicing and working with a driver-trainer, plus some final phrases of recommendation to abet you to salvage your trucking occupation started off on the coolest foot!

Truck Driver Alternate choices and Opportunities

  • Select up the coolest job – one which’s ideal to your abilities, targets, and subject.
  • receive jobs in accordance to: distance/time away from dwelling, ability money it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably construct, salvage of trailer and cargo it is predominant to haul.
  • Are you able to alternate from one salvage of trucking to but every other?
  • What to salvage in advise so that you can relocate to a obvious scheme of the speak or country?
  • Inspecting other components which affect driver pay.

Your Driving File and Job Historical past

  • MVR, DAC, and PSP experiences, the CSA Program, plus damaging objects truckers need to steer clear of.
  • Making too frequent job adjustments (or job hopping).
  • About your work history, making a expert resume, and further.

Resources to Serve You Select up the Staunch Truck Driving Job

  • overview trucking firms and job opportunities.
  • 18 Vital choices it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably also merely peaceful compare to narrow down your checklist of top trucking firms.
  • Making sure you meet trucking firm hiring requirements.
  • Making your final more than just a few and applying to the trucking firm or extra than one firms.

Beginning a Recent Truck Driving Job

  • On-the-job practicing for new drivers.
  • Records about driver orientations (what to search files from, fashioned procedures, keep in mind you’re interviewing them too, etc.).

Trucking Firm Records and Procedures

  • Driver pay files: getting money on the boulevard.
  • salvage extra miles and construct extra money!
  • Facing non-riding trucking tasks efficiently to amplify your bottom line.
  • Talking with the firm: texting, take a look at calls, qualcomm, etc.
  • How trucking firms feature: division roles & tasks.
  • Assorted key firm insurance policies, visitors violations, accidents, dispatcher family, etc.

“Trucking firms, truck riding colleges, websites for or about truckers … DON’T all dangle your finest interests at coronary heart. Nonetheless TRUCKING MADE EASY will abet you to be triumphant.


The Last Records to Skilled Trucking Success

In case you made it thru college and got your CDL, you’ve if truth be told near a prolonged diagram. Huge Job! So, what now?

Trucking Mastery, needless to disclose!

In case you’re pondering, isn’t that what truck riding colleges are for? Smartly, to a stage, lunge. Nonetheless let me keep apart a ask to you this: Dwell you merely need to outlive, with a a shrimp bit decent paycheck, whereas finest no longer steadily ever seeing your condominium? That’s whereas you also dangle a fashioned existence in any respect!

Or, salvage it is predominant to be triumphant at trucking? Real success. To construct huge money at a job you’re employed efficiently, and profitably? Presumably change into an owner-operator, at final even owning your dangle like a flash of trucks.

Or, pondering out of doorways the box, investing your earnings into other unswerving endeavors.

The sky’s the restrict, whereas you grasp your occupation! 

After BECOMING A TRUCKER helps you salvage started to your fresh trucking occupation, TRUCKING MASTERY will get you to the subsequent stage!

You’ll experience diagram past the trucking college fundamentals as you be taught what finest the fitting truckers out on the boulevard know.

In case you’re perfect uncommon about trucking, you’ll salvage a life like, birds-appreciate ogle into the lives of truckers. Seeing the right, the heinous, and even the grotesque system of trucking will enable you construct a extra knowledgeable resolution about whether a trucking occupation is for you, and exactly what salvage of trucking you’d be most fitted for.

Truck riding colleges utter you a immense number about trucking, and are predominant in helping you change into a a hit truck driver. A right trucking college can abet you to be taught classic riding abilities, salvage your CDL, and customarily abet you to witness a truck riding job.

Nonetheless … most trucking colleges don’t utter you ample about existence on the boulevard and strategies to be triumphant at every step of the trucking job and existence. Right here’s no longer a slam on these colleges. It’s perfect no longer conceivable to be taught all of what TME teaches in barely about a weeks of CDL practicing.

Then, how can YOU be triumphant?

Most drivers had to be taught trucking thru trial and blunder. Good, even me! Some of us name this the “college of anxious knocks.”  The actuality is, most truckers get just a few years to graduate from this college.

Even worse, many pause up quitting altogether, because trucking, and the boulevard itself, might possibly presumably also be provocative to endure, let alone grasp.

That is, till now!

Trucking Mastery used to be written to abet you to rapidly salvage as much as the brand and excel as a expert trucker. You are going to grasp trucking in no time in any respect!

What’s Interior Trucking Mastery…

  • You are going to be taught trucking success by examining complete journeys. From leaving your condominium to creating that final transport, on to the subsequent commute, and at final support dwelling again. You are going to witness strategies to invent ALL of trucking on the boulevard. And I’ve integrated ALL the miniature print!

  • You are going to soon be assured and relaxed as you experience where others distress to experience. You obtained’t let anything or any individual bother you as you enjoy your pressure down the boulevard.

  • You are going to witness how one can thought for and triumph over the wide challenges truckers in most cases face on the boulevard… wide cities, mountain passes, unfavorable climate stipulations, maneuvering round unknown docks, warehouses, development sites… you title it!

  • You are going to also be taught the fitting strategies to arrange to your journeys. This comprises vital trucking equipment and non-public offers. You are going to be taught to intention out your journeys to keep yourself time, gasoline, and naturally, money!

  • You are going to salvage advice on subject issues it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably receive nowhere else… be taught the bits and bobs of truck stops throughout the country. receive them within the predominant space, planning forward and lustrous which ones are the fitting to your wants, which ones to steer clear of in any respect costs, strategies to make exhaust of your time efficiently and salvage the entirety performed within the minimum amount of time, and much extra.

  • You are going to enjoy your existence on the boulevard, plump of self assurance in its keep apart of apprehension at every distress that comes your diagram.

Don’t make a choice for moderate results. Lift out OUTSTANDING and LASTING trucking success with the abet of TRUCKING MASTERY!

Birth Your Trucking Dawdle Straight away!

Right here is What You Salvage Interior!

  • Beginner Records: The Turning proper into a Trucker 3 Book eSeries

  • Trucking Mastery: The Last Records to Skilled Trucking Success

  • Bonus #1: Trucking Existence

  • Bonus #2: The Trucking Present Records

  • Bonus #3 (Attach Recent!): FREE 6 Month Membership to Trucker Nation University CDL TEST PREPARATION COURSE – $97 VALUE
Trucking Made Easy Veil

Provide Staunch for a Runt Time Handiest

Trucking Made Easy is a series of digital ebooks in PDF structure. They’re presently downloadable after ordering and might possibly presumably also be opened with any PDF reader, Adobe Reader, or interior your browser.

Interior this files you’ll receive subject issues predominant to job success and pleasure, nevertheless very no longer steadily ever discussed.

Whether you’re peaceful deciding on a occupation in trucking, otherwise you’re a trucker who needs to salvage extra out of the trucking existence, you’ll receive functional files and sources interior to abet you to on your trucking existence.

Interior, you’ll receive…

The Trucker’s Records to Layovers discusses layover activities and sources, including masses of layover activities truckers can salvage whereas on the boulevard.

The Trucker’s Lifestyles at Home  goes into extra non-public areas of an over-the-boulevard driver’s existence. How the job results a driver’s relationships with his family, strategies to take care of the time away, and monetary disorders are about a of the subject issues lined.

In Truckers Can Be Wholesome, you’ll salvage a genuine-world ogle of the fashioned trucker’s weight reduction program and weight reduction program, and choices to their smartly-liked truck give up restaurant routine.

There’s also a section on self-contained trucking, in which you’ll be taught to keep money, time, and your successfully being.

In the end, Truckers Can Furthermore Be Match! discusses a driver’s smartly-liked routine, and offers many huge tips for getting and retaining in form whereas peaceful sustaining a excessive stage of trucking productivity.


You title it, if a helpful resource will abet you to on your trucking job or existence, it’s integrated  in The Trucking Present Records! This files will abet you to in a lot of strategies:

  • Determining what to get with you on the boulevard.
  • salvage organized and live that diagram.
  • Exploring the different alternatives it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably also merely dangle within the trucking job and existence.
  • Resources it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably exhaust whereas you’re on the boulevard, for job efficiency or non-public enjoyment.

A pair of of the predominant classes encompass: tools, load securement & safety, household mover’s offers, truck & non-public offers, meals & beverage offers, computer programs, commute planning, organizational offers, and digital dwelling equipment & accessories!

As successfully as, you’ll receive many time and money saving hyperlinks. Right here’s a truly functional helpful resource for all truck drivers!

High FAQs About Trucking Made Easy

Sorry, no ships are oldschool in handing over Trucking Made Easy to you.

Seriously even though, it’ll get no time in any respect! It’s an presently downloadable digital eSeries so that it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably dangle it to your computer, cell phone, or tablet perfect minutes after entering your fee miniature print, so that you will salvage started these days! No waiting required!

OK, right ask. First I if truth be told need to mention my experience. Over two decades in trucking, I ran up over 2 million miles without an accident. 

That’s rather a shrimp, perfect? Nevertheless, there are greater than about a truckers accessible with the same abilities and experiences. So extra importantly, it’s how I got started in trucking, alongside with the different challenges I skilled and complications I had to conquer, that qualifies me to write these guides and provide advice about “all issues trucking.”

Reality is, if I would’ve stumbled upon a excessive-fine truck riding college at the birth keep apart, and per chance started riding for a right and correct trucking firm, I might possibly presumably also merely need never had first hand files of the struggles fresh drivers dangle been having. And I might possibly presumably also merely need never created Trucking Made Easy!

Trucking Mastery is available as a separate product for present truckers who need to experience greater enjoyment and success within the trucking industry… the roughly success viewed in some distance too few drivers accessible.

Even while you’re perfect getting started in trucking, or even whereas you haven’t but made the resolution to change into a trucker, one element that can per chance presumably also be essentially the most functional is seeing what it takes no longer finest to change into a trucker, nevertheless what it takes to change into the BEST truck driver, one who experiences success at every stage of trucking. The job and the existence, making essentially the most money it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably, getting dwelling as much as conceivable, taking half on your existence whereas you’re accessible riding, whether you’re a neighborhood driver or an over-the-boulevard warrior who no longer steadily ever sees dwelling!

You’ll be better in a position to study yourself as a expert truck driver, and further without worry make a choice whether or no longer it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably also efficiently watch yourself living the trucking existence.

Seriously, I don’t judge this might occasionally per chance presumably be the case. Nonetheless if for some reason it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably presumably also be feeling that Trucking Made Easy is no longer what you anticipated, or by hook or by crook per chance it’s perfect no longer value the investment, no worries. Let me know and I’ll presently subject you an complete refund.

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Trucking Made Easy Veil

Provide Staunch for a Runt Time Handiest

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