Vaccination Is No longer Immunization – Vaccine Complications Exposed

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Attention Fogeys:

What Your Physician Hasn’t Suggested You About Vaccinations May maybe presumably well Assign Your Child at Possibility for Autism, Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes or Most cancers.

Get the facts about vaccine risks

sooner than you remove any steps to vaccinate your child!

From the Desk of Tim O’Shea DC

Creator and Instructor, Childhood Immunology

Expensive Enthusiastic Dad or mum,

Attain you contain got doubts whether vaccines can in truth defend your child from sickness or illness? Attain you are eager that your child would possibly maybe well change into autistic, or invent bronchial asthma, allergic reactions or even a deadly childhood illness, like surprising toddler dying syndrome (SIDS)? 54% of US kids contain a power illness. Yet most other international locations counsel no longer as much as half the vaccines we attain.

What you’re about to read would possibly maybe well attain as a shock. It did for me after I first began to analyze vaccines and their elevate out on the physique. Hundreds of hours of digging into the scientific literature and checking the facts compelled me to be in contact out.

A lot of what I found was in conflict with the means most of us are taught to admire our kids. Let’s face it – most fogeys conform to contain their unique child child vaccinated and assume it’s the actual thing to achieve. It’s what their fogeys did, and it’s what their doctors counsel. After they originate, the kid goes on to receive loads of vaccinations year after year, up via their kids. The total whereas you assume you’re doing the actual thing.

Effectively. . .because it appears, it’s on the entire a mistake.

What you’ll detect while you happen to stare at the help of the curtain of the multi-billion buck drug and vaccine cartels would possibly maybe well aloof effort the lifestyles out of you. . .on narrative of your child is being place apart in injure’s means more than you are being told.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the quilt-up: vaccines, thimerosal mercury, and autism

The Harsh Truth

Whether or to no longer vaccinate is a decision easiest it is in all probability you’ll maybe presumably make.

Sadly, it’s no longer actually it is in all probability you’ll maybe presumably flip to your pediatrician for abet with this decision. You detect, most doctors contain staked their reputations and their financial nicely-being on the assumed security and effectiveness of vaccines. They are certain by their profession to promote vaccinations.

But there’s one other point of gape, factual as expedient.

You’re about to secure that

  • vaccination is massive exchange and big cash for doctors, for the drug firms and for the federal government;
  • vaccines are by no scheme proven qualified, as you are being resulted in imagine.

You deserve to know the facts.

You deserve to contain salvage admission to to the files being place apart forth by doctors, scientists, and researchers in every single keep the enviornment who are speaking out this day – the facts can no longer be denied.

Some high scientists in the field of human genetics hurry up to now as to narrate it’s an outright assault on kids and the means ahead for the human tear.

One Canadian doctor, Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, puts it this means:

“The scientific authorities defend lying. Vaccination has been an assault on the immune intention. It in truth causes loads of sicknesses. We are actually altering our genetic code via vaccination. . .100 years from now we are in a position to know that the dependable crime in opposition to humanity was vaccines.”

Well-known creator and pediatrician, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, is equally affirm:

“The dependable threat of childhood ailments lies in the destructive and ineffectual efforts made to discontinue them via mass immunization. A lot of what you contain got been resulted in imagine about immunization simply isn’t factual. If I were to prepare my deeper convictions, I’d speed you to reject all inoculations for your child.”

He goes on to narrate:

“There’s no such thing as a convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations is at chance of be credited with hanging off any childhood illness. If immunizations were accountable for the disappearance of these ailments in the U.S., one must query why they disappeared concurrently in Europe, the keep mass immunizations did no longer remove keep.”

No Proof of Safety

It would be surprising so that you can listen to this for the first time, nonetheless while you happen to read about the history of vaccines and understand the financial forces which would be in play, it is in all probability you’ll maybe presumably open detect the drug exchange as a immense machine, feeding off unending government funding for vaccines.

Remarkably, vaccination has by no scheme been clinically proven to be fine in stopping illness! I secure this to be undoubtedly one of primarily the most surprising discoveries of all, and so will you.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, the gold frequent of organized remedy, has by no scheme been obsolete to examine vaccinated and unvaccinated folks. No chance-to-earnings compare contain ever been performed. Vaccines dwell scientifically unproven!

So whereas health authorities loudly credit vaccines for cutting back illness and constantly ship the message that vaccines are qualified, and valuable, the science isn’t there.

Many assumptions made by native clinics are straight contradicted by primarily the most nicely regarded government statistics, printed scientific compare and the opinions of credible and extremely respected compare scientists in every single keep the enviornment.

To boot to, reviews popping out of the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Facilities for Illness Defend watch over (CDC) are finding the same contradictions.

Who In actuality Cares about Your Child?

Is it the vaccine manufacturers, who are at the help of on the subject of every part you contain got ever been told about the protection of vaccines? Dr. Samuel Katz, developer of the measles vaccine states, “Authorities doesn’t fund clinical compare of vaccines. Industry does.”

The contemporary quantity of vaccinations your kids will receive by the point they’re 18 years extinct is an fabulous 69!

And more vaccinations are on their means.

That is one large cash exchange, coming in at around $50 billion dollars per annum.

Australian researcher Viera Scheibner, PhD, after investigating some 60,000 pages of scientific literature on vaccination, summarized it:

“Immunizations, at the side of these practiced on infants, no longer easiest did no longer discontinue any infectious ailments; they resulted in more struggling and more deaths than has every other human allege on your entire history of scientific intervention.”

Rep. Dan Burton and Dr. Andrew Wakefield on the quilt-up: vaccines, thimerosal mercury, and autism

But it is in all probability you’ll maybe presumably steer clear of this injury.

The One Resource They Don’t Want You to Learn

I made up my mind early on that I’d remove a stand for the fact concerning vaccines, it be no longer related what the worth. I was agency to write a e-book that was referenced from primarily the most advantageous, scientific sources, so that as a father or mother it is in all probability you’ll maybe presumably make primarily the most steered decision.

Drug firms give a boost to scientific journals with their marketing. FDA Advisory Committee people admit overtly that they contain got got financial ties to the vaccine manufacturers. It’s no secret.

What’s more, Congress passed a law exempting the liability of these firms. In other phrases, in case your child is broken or dies after vaccination, it is in all probability you’ll maybe presumably’t sue the vaccine firm.

Now fogeys and folks in every single keep can contain salvage admission to to the facts. After 10 years of meticulous compare, I created The Vaccine Seminar and the textbook for the seminar:

Announcing the unique e-book. . .


Is No longer Immunization:

The Struggle on Teenagers

PDF e-e-book

$19 – Score Now

Vaccination Is No longer Immunization is written for everyone all for the health and nicely-being of their kids and of themselves. It’s all there: the history of vaccines; the substances of vaccines; the dangers of vaccines. It’s for fogeys, educators, these in the scientific profession, midwives, nurses, these working in government and practitioners of replacement remedy as nicely.

This is no longer an anti-vaccine textbook. It is in desire of any vaccines that contain proven to be 100% qualified, fine, and valuable when tested by independent, third-party compare that is wholly unconnected with vaccine manufacturers.

When you are likely to be no longer in the mean time a father or mother nonetheless conception to be one in some unspecified time in the future, you would possibly maybe maybe read this e-book. When you are likely to be no longer a father or mother nonetheless know any individual who’s, you would possibly maybe maybe give them this e-book!

Defend in mind for a moment factual how severe the scenario is for youths in the US . . . and then query your self, attain you love to contain your child or a child you know to alter into undoubtedly this form of statistics:

  • 1 in 6 kids in the U.S. this day has a neuro-developmental dysfunction
  • 14% of American kids this day are enrolled in a finding out disability program
  • There are between 2 and 4 million autistic kids in the U.S. this day whereas in 1990 there were almost none
  • The amount of kids with allergic reactions has doubled in the previous 11 years
  • The rate of childhood cancer is rising at an exponential rate to stages by no scheme considered sooner than or imagined
  • Over 100 American ladies contain died in the closing 4 years from HPV vaccine
  • Autoimmune ailments, diabetes, bronchial asthma, MS and brain tumors among kids are skyrocketing

This is factual the tip of the iceberg. With dozens of vaccines in the developmental pipeline, and authorities arguing to lengthen the quantity of vaccinations your child would possibly maybe well aloof receive, the risks will easiest lengthen per annum.

You contain got to educate your self about these risks now.

Vaccination Is No longer Immunization is 200+ pages of fully documented knowledge alongside with almost 300 references that can open your eyes. There would possibly maybe be an wide history of vaccines, and this most up-to-the-minute edition has been up up to now to encompass primarily the most most up-to-the-minute vaccines released.

It’s written in a straightforward-to-understand language as nicely – no longer the “med-be in contact” found in scientific journals. You’ll attain away thought the massive image moreover to the actual science at the help of primarily the most contemporary vaccines.

You’ll contain what you would possibly maybe maybe make an steered decision about easiest admire your child.

Here’s a demand at about a of what’s lined. . .

  • The demanding truth: why kids are rising sicker, fatter and dumber year after year
  • The surprising composition of what’s in truth being injected into your child.
  • Think easiest your kids are at chance?  Think every other time.  As of 2008, adults are Remedy’s most modern target, with the CDC’s unique Adult Immunization Agenda of 74 vaccines!
  • What’s the Germ Theory and why does the scientific institution ignore the errors inherent in it? The implications for your child’s health are staggering!
  • Attain you know the difference between pure immunity and synthetic immunity?
  • 12 deadly reactions to the DPT vaccine – Build you know that the three vaccines contained on this three-in-one injection were by no scheme tested together sooner than it was brought to market?  In the Forties.

There’s more:

  • The truth about autism – The evidence is piling up concerning the “vaccine – autoimmune – brain programming connection” and you ought to not wait one other day to salvage your entire yarn
  • The unfounded marketing at the help of the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine – In that case many doctors are refusing to present it to their kids, what’s that telling you?
  • Basically the most fabulous statistic place apart forth from a offer without a scientific axe to grind – Metropolitan Life Insurance protection
  • In accordance to the ex-commissioner of the FDA, the quantity of opposed reactions to vaccines are being woefully underreported
  • If flu pictures worked, why attain you and your child salvage them year after year and why attain you and your child defend getting the flu?  It’s all here. . .plus, the worrisome correlation between flu pictures, mercury and Alzheimer’s illness
  • What are toxics in vaccines and why are they being obsolete on your child?  And are you certain you love to contain these poisonous substances injected into your child?
  • What “mandated vaccination” in truth scheme and the scheme in which your child is at chance of be made exempt while you to deem

Here’s What Doctors and Others Explain about Vaccination Is No longer Immunization

“This history of the vaccination exchange is vastly more thorough than that taught in scientific colleges and decisively more balanced.

– David Ayoub, MD

“I learned plenty in Vaccination Is No longer Immunization and moderately trust the creator that no scientific proof exists that any of the vaccines are efficient, priceless and qualified.

– Françoise Berthoud, MD – Switzerland

“This e-book dispels the myths and blatant lies that the general public is told by their pediatricians and community leaders, moreover to the propaganda, politics and cash in U.S. vaccine policy – an absolute must for any father or mother.

– Dr. Value Cymerint – Mission Viejo, CA

“You are correct about pure blood. . .that is the predominant.

– Ted H. Spence, DDS, ND

“. . .undoubtedly one of primarily the most surprising but thoroughly researched exposes on the vaccine exchange. . .an discipline that is valuable to our kids’s health and future.”

– Hyla Cass, MD – Pacific Palisades, CA

“Tim O’Shea is undoubtedly one of many few folks writing on vaccines this day who has the courage and dedication to uncover it love it is miles, in component.”

– Philip Incao, MD – Crestone, CO

Basically the most entire e-book I in truth contain ever read over the previous 25 years on this discipline.”

– Roy Kupsinel, MD – Autism and the Vaccine Connection

“Defend going after the fact — factual guarantee that your bulletproof vest fits.”

– Hal Huggins, DDS – Colorado Springs, CO

The e-book is 5 stars out of 5. . .The subject matters are logically sequenced and interwoven such that one no longer frequently notices that that one chapter has passed, and the following has begun. . .The knowledge is high-notch and reasonable. Wants to be required reading for searching ahead to fogeys.

– Scott Brians – Citadel Lauderdale, FL

Life-altering knowledge, thoroughly researched. Thank you so unprecedented for hanging your entire pieces together and intellectual the sunshine of day on an noxious greed-driven exchange.”

– William Deagle, MD – GCN syndicated radio, Centennial, CO

“. . .a cautious assortment of irrefutable facts. . .spent quite loads of days reading and re-reading it and it is miles well-behaved!”

– Hans Raible – Stuttgart, Germany

“In his e-book Dr. O’Shea files the outrageous history of what has been performed by the drug firms and the establishments which would be presupposed to substantiate that they’re factual. . .the characteristic performed by vaccinations over the previous 100 years has been grossly exaggerated and the injure that this has performed has been in moderation hidden from the general public gape.”

– Abram Hoffer, MD – Journal of Orthomolecular Remedy

“. . .your sharing of this knowledge will assign lives. It is pure consciousness.”

– Turid Sandberg – Norway

“Your e-book is a sizable read. It gets rid of any lingering doubts one can contain about the innocence of these orthodox scientific vampires. I adore your energy, mind and courage, hanging your self available on the line. . .”

– Jim West

“This e-book is primarily the most attention-grabbing offer I in truth contain in my library about the history and the horrors of the vaccine exchange. . .the three generations of wholesale poisoning that Dr. O’Shea unearths on this e-book. . .Thanks for doing the compare for the remaining of us.”

– Gary Kohls, MD – Preventive Psychiatry

Thank you for the treasured service you are providing. It must remove loads of courage and dedication to uncover it love it is miles in face of the scientific institution with their conceitedness and deep pockets. If there is the relaxation I’m in a position to achieve from the keep of the clergy, please let me know. I assume this knowledge is extremely valuable and is at chance of be broadly disseminated.

– Rabbi Aaron Parry – Los Angeles, CA

“Company of ours factual had a baby at the native sanatorium and were offered a Hep-A shot for their unique child! A NEWBORN, imagine that. Even veterinarians obtained’t vaccinate kittens and puppies as newborns. What’s WRONG? What’s noxious with doctors who would hurry alongside? Thank you every other time for your sizable service to humanity!

– Donna Schwieder

“I done your e-book this morning. Simply primarily the most attention-grabbing and most accessible deconstruction on vaccines I’ve read, and I’ve read loads of. You contain got to be proud, as I am of you, your courage, and your work!”

– Anthony J. Maniotis PhD – Dept. of Pathology, University of Illinois

Wow! Basically the most up-to-the-minute, easiest referenced presentation on vaccines I in truth contain ever considered. You contain got taken a extremely advanced discipline and arranged it so that it is miles at chance of be comprehended by the everyday person.”

– Dr. TF – Tustin, CA

Basically the most sharp, nicely-researched, blood-boiling textual scream material EVER written on vaccines. Dr Tim’s model mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this undoubtedly one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. Learn this e-book and you would contain to originate a revolution.”

– Dr. Invoice DeMoss – Newport Beach, CA

“Basically the most efficient e-book more valuable than this one is the Bible.”

– Dr. Tim Young – Oklahoma Metropolis, OK

Each and each unique mother and father would possibly maybe well aloof contain the chance to read Vaccination Is No longer Immunization sooner than subjecting their kids to valuable vaccinations.”

– Kilmer McCully, MD

Get the Total Myth Sooner than You Vaccinate

Over time of turning in seminars and displays I’d robotically contain eager fogeys attain as much as me and query questions. Many had heard the terror reviews, others were no longer certain whom they would possibly maybe maybe maybe belief, most had severe doubts about vaccinating.

Nearly about all expressed the peril of getting their child change into autistic, inaccurate or neurologically damaged. No one desires to place apart their child in injure’s means. The conception of seeing their child hurry from healthy to handicapped in a matter of months or years is simply too unpleasant to deem. Which is precisely why we must in any respect times imagine it now, sooner than we vaccinate.

There would possibly maybe be a extremely true doable of seeing your child contain a delayed reaction as many as two decades later. The injection of 69 vaccines, 36 of which would be administered sooner than your child is 2 years extinct, is altering the human genome in systems no person can predict.

You deserve to know both aspect of the yarn and now it is in all probability you’ll maybe presumably. Own the choice to salvage steered and defend steered initiating this day!

Picture Online By the utilize of Our 100% Stable Server

Yes Dr. T! I want your entire yarn on vaccines.

  • I want to contain salvage admission to to primarily the most up-to-the-minute scientific compare, the federal government reviews and the scientific compare so I would possibly maybe well make an steered decision concerning whether or to no longer contain my child vaccinated
  • I want the peace of mind that incorporates having your entire yarn in phrases of the aptitude dangers and risks of vaccines
  • I want to withhold my child qualified and out of injure’s means
  • My child’s security, health and nicely-being are likely to be no longer negotiable! I want to salvage my arms on your e-book now!

Send My Reproduction This day!


Is No longer Immunization

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Once your fee is popular, you’ll receive on the spot salvage admission to to your e-e-book and would possibly maybe well acquire it straight.

One Final Picture

The truth is that the outcomes of vaccines on the physique of your child are likely to be no longer predictable. They happen in a random, haphazard and inconsistent model.

Favor up a reproduction of Vaccination Is No longer Immunization this day and salvage your entire yarn. It stands out as the one necessary decision you ever make in the lifetime of your child.

Dr. T
PDF e-e-book

$19 – Score Now

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