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“Are you mindful there are twelve diversified dimensions?”

I was petrified.

I knew that there have been three dimensions, per chance even four… nevertheless twelve?

I would possibly per chance per chance per chance no longer comprehend how that used to be that it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance be ready to recall to mind, nor would possibly per chance per chance per chance I discover in regards to the correlation of how this utilized to me and my screwed-up lifestyles.

But he continued, explaining that our universe has many dimensions of arrangement invisible to us.

And despite the incontrovertible fact that we are in a position to no longer discover about them, they affect us.

These unseen dimensions have each and every certain and antagonistic energies, and they also’ll put themselves to you, whether you desire them to or no longer.

Harmful energies are on the total known as “darkish entities”, and they also thrive on taking obliging thing in regards to the inclined.

Physical illness, stress, trauma, heartache, and diversified challenges weaken you, making you “vitality candy” for these darkish entities.

They feed off your struggling, and they also’re going to enact anything of their energy to clutter up your lifestyles, health, rate range, relationships, and heaps others.

I stared at him, worried, and I questioned…

Could per chance per chance this be why so many sinful things have came about to me honest no longer too lengthy within the past?

Why nothing looks to pass lawful, no matter what I enact?

I shuddered to recall to mind what number of darkish entities would possibly per chance per chance per chance also very nicely be attached to me lawful now, sucking the lifestyles, love, and hope lawful out of me.

And even supposing what he told me appeared extra admire one thing from a film, it made loads of sense.

I would possibly per chance per chance per chance no longer help nevertheless think, all the things used to be honest until I moved into that house.

My hair stood on cease correct alive to with it.

Thomas saw the detect of disbelief on my face, nevertheless he continued.

He defined that loads of learn have been done, many from Ivy League Universities, all proving that there are, essentially, twelve diversified dimensions.

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