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My health has always been excellent, but my eyesight had gotten to the point that I wore glasses all the time, specifically for reading. A stronger adjustment for distance was continually being added. I have always been very diligent about my health and my life has always been active and positive.

As I got older I found myself questioning the need to constantly make my eyeglasses for distance stronger. When reading, I felt I needed some help, but why not encourage my old eyes to work harder?

After reading about Vision 20® and reviewing the ingredients, I felt confident that this could very well be the help I needed to encourage my eyes to do more of the work. There was nothing in the formula that was harmful. All the things that went into Vision 20® were good. So what could it hurt to see if it would work for me?

I am thrilled with what Vision 20® has done for me. I no longer need to wear glasses for distance, my ability to read smaller print has improved, and my RX for reading glasses has improved. I am very impressed and would tell other people in a similar position to try it, you’ve got nothing to lose.

I would like to say that as with most things, the improvement did not happen overnight. It took about 4 months for me to find that my glasses were no longer clear when I looked into the distance. By 6 months I could hardly wait to see my ophthalmologist and have him check my new glasses. Sure enough, my current glasses where now too strong!

The best thing about Vision 20® is that it works. It helps one’s eyes to see better on their own. As people age, things sometimes stop working as well as they used to. I found a product that actually does what it says it will do. It’s awesome.

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